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Mapping & Gas Chamber

Week # 10 in my Canadian Basic Military Training … as i mentioned last week :

Next Week : (#10) It will be one of the hardest week in the BMQ , it will be the GAZ CHAMBER and the Mapping , we will have to walk in the wood in the day and in the night using only map and we will also sleep outside .

I was correct in this ! it was the hardest week-end training till now… i was wrong about sleeping outside … we slept in barracks a super nice place with real beds and pillows !

Let’s Start …

Friday : As Usually we arrived at 7:00 pm and had our inspection done , everything was fine except that i was the only person in the regiment wearing white boots (Snow boots) … The Sergent made sure that i knew i was the only person with white boots … (no more comments :p)

Then we signed our c7 riffle and prepared to go to FARNHAM , the departure was at 8:30 approximately , it took us maybe 1hr or 1,20 MN to arrive to Farnham .

We then discovered for the first time how barracks looks like :D , we had 2 rooms , 20 soldiers in each then we slept at 11:00 pm , for the first time in my BMQ i only woke up 4 times in the nigh and i was in good shape , i even woke up before at 4:30 am alone (exited eh ?)

Saturday : We went at 7:00 to the Food place , 1 word “WOOOW” , its the first time we see such big place with a loooot of food (which we didn’t have enough during our training) , a lot of fruits , a lot of deserts , juice , eggs , beans , salad , cheese , milk , cookies … we ate toooo much .

after that we had to walk approximately 3 km with our stuff and here where everything started … :D

We got our snowshoes (like tennis racquet’s) to be able to walk in the snow , since a storm occurred the night before (because we are very lucky) …

Then we had a review of our map classes , very nice information and interesting , then we got our tent and divided into 4 sections and each section took a direction … they told us how to set up a tent and we did it .

At 12:00 we had our dinner in lunch box … back to the old way i didn’t ate a lot , just managed to put most stuff in my pocket (juice , cookies , cheese …) for tactical reasons :p

After that we were grouped in 5 and an instructor came with us , each soldier at his turn had to find a path from X -> Y that the instructor decide , he give us points like xxyy xx’yy’ –> zz ww zz’ww’ and we only had a map and compass .

I volunteered to start first … and i got the longest path … approximately 850 meter made my calculation and found everything and told the instructor … so we started to walk it was hard since there were a lot of snow and trees but finally we arrived at the point were there was like a wale and we didn’t find the point … so we decided to group in 2 and go left and right … i nearly walked 20 meter to the right and found my point !!! Eurecaaaaa ; The Board had questions on it and we had to answer .

Then we had to do the same but for the 4 other soldiers , we walked a lot for the 5 points it took us nearly 6 hours walking and trying to find the point .

Sometime it was very hard because we thought we were lost and we had to do it again , sometime we disagreed with each other on how to proceed but at the end we made it .



We finished at 7:00 pm approximately and we went back to the original point , we had our lunch and we started preparing for the night mapping , basically we had to do the same but now without light … only using Moon light :)

The Distance was approximately 350-400 meter maximum , i also volunteered to start first we walked in the wood and we didn’t have a problem finding the point , i passed both exams (day & night mapping)

Then we had to do the same for the 4 other soldiers , at point 4 my knee started to hurt again because of the snow pressure made by the snowshoes , i went back to the base and my group continued the two other points alone without me .


I wasn’t happy to leave the group .. but also didnt want to put more pressure on my knee to not injure it , until the Lieutenant Zhang came and we had a long talk , i asked him a lot of questions and he was very nice , he answered all my questions and also gave me a lot of advices , he’s a great Officer .

At 1:00 am our group returned , we were the first group to finish and other started to come one by one , we then went back to the barracks at 2:00 am (we had to walk the 3 km again) .

I took a super long hot shower maybe 1 hour , when i went out of the bathroom , all lights were down and most soldiers were snoring lol .

it didn’t take me long to sleep , i was very hungry but couldn’t take something to eat to not wake them up , especially that the Sergent bed was near my bed …

Sunday : we Woke up at 5:30 am … that mean i only slept 2 hours and we went to eat after that we had to prepare for the GAS Chamber

At 8:00 am we were ready to enter the GAS ROOM .


It was Cool Before we enter the room …. Before i show the pics ..

here is what we have to do :

We had to enter the GAS CHAMBER 3 times :

1- First time with out full suite , just to see that the suite do protect from the CS GAZ , in my case it didn’t , i could smell the gas and i started to cough , we had to run in the chamber and make jumping jack and make little exercises …

when i went out i discovered that the defence thing wasn’t turned in a good manner , so i fixed it .

2- The Second time , we had to enter the first room without mask , then when we enter the second and we smell The CS GAS , we had to put the mask on and all the suite correctly then we had to enter the concentrated CS GAS ROOM And we had to drink water with the mask on (there is a little thing that allow us to drink)

3- The third time what we have to do is we are outside , they start throwing at us “water” which is supposed to be some chemical material , when ever we feel it we had to put mask on and go hide inside (supposed to be the safe place but it was the GAS CHAMBER :P ) , so when we were inside what we had to do is disinfect ourselves (yes disinfect in the GAS CHAMBER , Stupid eh ? )

At the end of the exercises they told us now we will remove the mask completely and we have to stay until we can’t support anymore , here is the worse thing we ever did in the ARMY …

Little Info About The CS GAS :

CS or 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile is a substance that is used as a riot control agent , Although described as a non-lethal weapon for crowd control, many studies have raised doubts about this classification. As well as creating severe pulmonary damage, CS can also significantly damage the heart and liver.

The CS GAS causes immediate tearing of the eyes, mild respiratory convultion, an increase in blood pressure and pulse, as well as the irritation of mucous membranes.

Here is a Quote That i found on American Army Site When describing a picture :

Sgt. Logan Maynard exits the chamber with a telltale grimace — his maskless state attesting to his bravery — as no one is required, post basic training, to remove his or her mask in the NBC chamber.

Ok now time to check our pictures …

Notes : Those pictures were taken by our instructors … i dont know why but since we arrived to the GAS chamber , all of them were smiling … now i know why :)


And some 3D view …


This was one of the harder week … after that we just went back and waited for the bus and went back to the Montreal Regiment and started cleaning evrything (weapon , tent , ..)

Next week will be The Last Week in our BASIC MILITARY QUALIFICATION (BMQ) , It will be also at farnham and the course will be related to Sections attacks and this time i’m sure we will sleep outside , since now we know how to set up a tent and fire …

Update :

Private Diaz just sent me links for Videos of Us on Youtube !!

now you can see what we passed by …

Graduation date is on the 31th of Mars ;)


  1. Dude if you want to put some videos online I got some that the Corporals took.. here are the links..enjoy

    video removed by user

    and this is the other one

    video removed by user

  2. hey chaaban sa serait utile davoir les liens pour youtube si tu pourrait les mettres sur ton site ou nous les envoyer par email sa serait la classe

    ps bravo pour ce super site

  3. les liens de Youtube sont un post plus haut ..

    Pour le lien de google , les 2 videos sont en 1 .

    voici le lien :


  4. I’m currently on BMQ, and yea tomorrow we’re going for our first aid !

    I live in BC and i’m doing Chem 11 and the molecular compound on this gas .

  5. Hello Laura :)

    Hope you are enjoying your BMQ

    In First Aid Course make sure to pay attention on theory , the questions in the final exam are in some way tricky .

    But everything should be Fine .

    Good Luck

  6. Saw your post on lil harris’s blog, that guy hasnt posted in a while, hope hes alright. I know he went active duty and bush has been sending us in like a mad man. Anyway gotta love that gas chamber, least you guys didnt have to walk up a F#@!ing hill flapping your arms like a bird that cant fly. lol.

  7. yeah i checked his blog a while he dident add anything yet …. hope he’s fine .

    for the gas chamber yes we did the bird thing lol , we entered the room 3 times , we did it twice but the third time when we removed our mask we were to busy suffocating to do the bird thing :)

    by the way ,do you know why they do the bird thing ?

  8. My ds told me that its supposted to move air around your face and that would help the burning to subside, really didnt seem to work for me though. I wanted to be the big man and actually breathed in, bad time that was.

  9. yeah .. i know what you mean .

    I wanted also to stay as much as i can in the room without mask … but i paid the price after that .

  10. hey guys good job on the gas chamber… you guys are lucky we had to sleep in the woods, getting up for fire picket at 3 in the morning, was COLD, but not to bad, our grad date is march 25th are you guys going to gagetown?

  11. Well not so lucky … we are going tomorrow (16 march) and we will be sleeping 2 days in the wood .

    Our graduation is on the 31th of March and no we are not going to gagetown , we are going to FARNHAM .

    I think in Summer we will go to Gagetown or Valcartier I’m not sure yet .

  12. cs gas bonds to liquid, so your eyes, nose, mouth and so on get effected by it. its great stuff.

    for infantry, if your goinf RCR, you either go to Gagetown or Meaford, R22R goes to valcartier, and the PPCLI normally go to Wainright.

  13. the video isnt working…

  14. jai regarder toutes tes pages traitant du sujet de larmee et tu ma grandement aider a me preparer pour cke jallais affronter dans tres bientot jte remercie et jaimerait avoir de tes nouvelles question de savoir ou que tes rendu dans ta carriere militaire ?!
    Merci encore

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