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Join Task Force two – JTF2

I recently discovered That Canada have a Special Force (Not The SWAT Team) but Special Force for The ARMY , It’s Called The Join Task Force Two (JTF2) .

canadian - special - forces

The term “joint task force” is used for any force made up of two or more elements of the Canadian Forces.

The Join Task Force Two is like The S.A.S (Special Air Service Regiment (SAS)) a very well trained Force .

If you want to get an Idea what is the S.A.S … Check this video (59 minutes)


Back to the Canadian Join Task Force two (JTF2) :

There Main mission is to provide Canada a force capable of rendering armed assistance in the resolution of an issue or a potential issue that affects national security , even if there main role is Counter-Terrorism they can be assigned to any type of military operations, which include, but are not limited to, surveillance, security advice and close personal protection .

To Join The Join Task Force Two (JTF2) in general you have to be in the ARMY , (2 Year as Regular or 3 years As Reservist ) .


And The Contract is between 4 and 6 years .

Physical Test for the Join Task Force 2

You will need to do :

- 40 Push-ups (Minimum – no rest)
- 40 Sit-ups (Minimum in 1 mn)
- 5 pull-ups
- Bench press (65 kg min)
- Run 1.5 mile (2,4 km) in 9 mn

For the Army we had to do the same but instead of 40 .. it was 20 .

canada -army- special -forces

There is two kind of Personnel : Special Operations Assaulters (SOA) & Support Personnel (SP) and Specialists

Special Operations Assaulter : personnel who are directly employed in the tactical aspects of special operations and other high value tasks .

Support Personnel (SP) and Specialists : personnel who are selected from Regular and Reserve Force MOCs to fulfil JTF 2 requirements in Staff Officer, support, and specialist positions.


I found some video related to The JTF2 (Join Task Force two)


  1. i know this is kinda off topic but some of you seem to be in the forces and know what your talking about so does anyone have any idea for the best way to get into scout sniper training? again sorry for off topic

  2. To get in as a “scout sniper” (that’s not what it’s called here but the concept is the same), you would first have to enroll and do all your training as an infantry soldier. This includes all of the basic military training ie. Basic MIlitary Qualification or BMQ follwed by Soldier Qualification or SQ and then finally Basic Infantry Qualification or BIQ also known as DP1 Infantry. After all that is done, then you are a trained infantry soldier and will be posted to one of the Battalions of the 3 Regiments (Royal Canadian Regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, or the Royal 22ième Régiment).

    From there you have to request and excel and be selected to undergo training for Recconnaisance Platoon, or Recce Platoon. Once you are finished the training far that and are on the Recce platoon, then you can excel and once again request for training on sniper weapons and such. It is a lengthy process and all the while you will be doing excercises, garrsion duty and will most likely be deployed overseas.

  3. Hi All,

    I’m not in the military, but was looking into who protect this great country of ours and what sacrifice they must endure to make it into such an elite force . First off if anyone is in the Canadian military and/or special forces….Thank you for all you do. I came upon this site and I am just curious as to why there are no people of colour or women in the JTF2 & other parts of the Canadian military elite. Why is that? OF course I am just basing my question on the videos I have seen on YOu TUBE and other web sites…so excuse my ignorance. Thank you

  4. I’m not in the military but in the Army cadets of canada, and i noticed the same thing how there are very few people of skin colour besides white, and i asked a warrant here, he said it’s because usually they only accept people born in canada into the military other wise you have to pass this special test, which alot of people don’t pas, only very few do.

  5. Ray Ray, I am Canadian military and I promise that we appreciate all the thanks we get. As for your question it is simply a matter of population. The young white male is the largest population in the Canadian forces not to say we are not diverse but it’s simply the truth. Assaulters, as pictured in the pictures and videos you have seen, are only part of the JTF2 population, there are also support trades and specialists. I know for a fact that there are many different races and I am sure different genders within the JTF2. I hope this answers your questions.


  6. As a member of the Canadian army i can tell you that there are all kinds of coloured members serving not only in the army but with jtf2 aswell, and for the answer to your second question untill a women meets the physical requirements to be a part of jtf2 and by that i mean the PT test (pushup’s, situp’s,chinup’s,and of course the run), there wont be any women , it has nothing to do with gender or colour, thats all there is to that.

  7. @ Gabe, u posted like 3 years ago, but just to let u know ( if u even read these anymore), im 16 i train every day also in montreal. i train for several hours daily, outdoors. in snow, rain or even when its really hot. i wake up every morning at 5am and workout for 2 hours before school and then work out for over 2 hours after. I can do a 100 push ups in a row and then jump up to a pull up bar and do 15 pull ups. i can also swim for over a mile. I also paintball every weekend. ( which im quite good at, but rlly paintballing has very little to do with shooting real guns)

    Im still worried I may not make JTF-2 but i will do anything to make it.

  8. Hey “Shawn” !
    I would like to join The Join Task Force Two (JTF2) .
    Right now I’m in the Air Cadets and I’m wondering if I have to visit a Military Academy in order to advance.

  9. Hey im into this im looking up moree and more info on the JTF2 i dont want to be peacekeepers i dont want to be known for that i want to be in the thick of in i want to do something for my country not peacekeepin but helping fight like i want to be in this it seems intense exciting like be behind lines! and do important missions i want combat i want to fight i guess what you can say is like in the movies SORT OF is this it?

  10. @ William

    You really need to look up your facts before you even consider the military. You don’t decide whether you want to peacekeep or not, it is an essential aspect of the Canadian Forces (warfighting, peacekeeping, relief). I know a few guys who tried out for the CSOR (Canadian Special Operations Regiment, like Green Berets) and the JTF-2 and none of them made it. These were top notch soldiers too. It’s tough but try actually getting into the Canadian Forces before you even think of JTF-2.

    P.S. I’ve been an Infantry soldier for years.

  11. Hey!
    What is the minimum distance and time to be chosen in the Canadian army(infantry)?

  12. re: Pte Macdonald

    YOU ARE WRONG. JTF2 does not give info about the sex of races of their personnel so you have no business make statements that you clearly e up based on your own prejudices.

    I just have to defend women because they get a lot of BS myths spread about them by ignorant men like you who give military men a bad name with your WOMAN-HATING

    There are definitely WOMEN who CAN AND DO PASS the JTF2 fitness test. And THERE ARE women in JTF2. Mostly in non-assaulter positions but they still have to and do qualify in the physical.

    CSOR which is different but as challenging physically has acknowledged that they have had a woman as one of their assaulters.


    Fact is it is NOT the fitness test that is the problem attracting women. There are just fewer women in the military to start with. Add the fact that it is lonely to be the only woman in testing and to know if you make it you might be the only one in your group.

    Also you need a lot of support from your family because you have to train a lot to get in and it consumes your life. When you are in you can be away a lot or leave without notice. It’s harder for women to get support at home for this lifestyle. It’s easier for men to find supportive spouses. Men don’t want to stay home alone with the kids while their wives are away.

    That’s the way it is. Don’t spread BS.

  13. All of the info you found here can all be found kn the JTF2 website. I couldnt help but notice how everyone here is calling it the JOIN task force. Tis not join. It’s JOINT. And for little teddy, If you can maintain your levrl of fitness then youll be able to pass the physical requirements for jtf. But i have a lot of friends who tried out, aced the pt test and still failed. 90% of the year long course is all mental. If you dont have the right wiring, they wont take you.

  14. Its been a few years since anyone has posted in this but I feel I have to set the record straight.
    First of all william kupchuk, I am a sapper in the CF and I can tell you that if you have the attitude that you just want to kill bad guys you will never make it into jtf2 also its extremely insulting that you assume we are not in the thick of it, I can tell you first hand, we bring the fight to the enemy hard and fast.
    Mr. Anonymous, youre a cadet, thats cute, ask the question again when you are actually a soldier because being a cadet doesnt mean shit in the CF, also in answer to your question, no military academy is required as we only have two, RMC and RMC st jean, both of which are used to train officer cadets.
    Teddy, sounds like you are on the right path, a word of advice, dont tell the recruiter that you paintball.
    Pte MacDonald and Trooper, there are women in jtf2, I have only met two but they are harder than you will ever be.
    Shawn, youre right on the mark.
    Thats my bit,

  15. Im 14 and i was wondering if your sixteen can you join the reserves and then when you turn eighteen can you switch over to the regular force?

  16. A question from:
    Ray Ray: I am just curious as to why there are no people of colour or women in the JTF2 & other parts of the Canadian military elite. Why is that? OF course I am just basing my question on the videos I have seen on YOU TUBE and other web sites…so excuse my ignorance.

    Why would you think YOU TUBE……..or any other web based videos would have access to authentic JTF2 soldier footage? I would be disappointed if they did.

  17. Hey. I just stumbled across this and was wondering you say 90% of it is not
    About the physical part. Like you said about the wireing , anyone can train enough and reach that level of fitness. So does that mean passing the physical just alows you to get into that year long course? Just wondering what comes first. The long course with the additional of the physical or you do you have to take and pass the physical inorder to get into the course?

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