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Join Task Force two – JTF2

I recently discovered That Canada have a Special Force (Not The SWAT Team) but Special Force for The ARMY , It’s Called The Join Task Force Two (JTF2) .

canadian - special - forces

The term “joint task force” is used for any force made up of two or more elements of the Canadian Forces.

The Join Task Force Two is like The S.A.S (Special Air Service Regiment (SAS)) a very well trained Force .

If you want to get an Idea what is the S.A.S … Check this video (59 minutes)


Back to the Canadian Join Task Force two (JTF2) :

There Main mission is to provide Canada a force capable of rendering armed assistance in the resolution of an issue or a potential issue that affects national security , even if there main role is Counter-Terrorism they can be assigned to any type of military operations, which include, but are not limited to, surveillance, security advice and close personal protection .

To Join The Join Task Force Two (JTF2) in general you have to be in the ARMY , (2 Year as Regular or 3 years As Reservist ) .


And The Contract is between 4 and 6 years .

Physical Test for the Join Task Force 2

You will need to do :

- 40 Push-ups (Minimum – no rest)
- 40 Sit-ups (Minimum in 1 mn)
- 5 pull-ups
- Bench press (65 kg min)
- Run 1.5 mile (2,4 km) in 9 mn

For the Army we had to do the same but instead of 40 .. it was 20 .

canada -army- special -forces

There is two kind of Personnel : Special Operations Assaulters (SOA) & Support Personnel (SP) and Specialists

Special Operations Assaulter : personnel who are directly employed in the tactical aspects of special operations and other high value tasks .

Support Personnel (SP) and Specialists : personnel who are selected from Regular and Reserve Force MOCs to fulfil JTF 2 requirements in Staff Officer, support, and specialist positions.


I found some video related to The JTF2 (Join Task Force two)


  1. You probably should not go to where your not wanted

  2. Yes … this is what i dont like .

    Being in the Army as a Regular or as JTF2 … it’s like selling your self .

    You don’t have control on your life .

    It’s the only reason why i joined as a reservist in the Canadian Army .

  3. Wow, this is along the level of our(american) D forces. Anyway infantry isnt really for me, I freaking hate walking around with a damn pack with 40+ pounds in it for the whole day. MI all the way HOOAH!

  4. Yes the JTF2 are very advanced in Military training , i only joined the army because i love the infantry .

    It’s very hard but you get used to it after a while ;)

  5. You don’t really know what you are talking about…. The “Physical Test for the Join Task Force 2″ are what you said. But you see, those are the minimum requirements. By doing the minimum requirements you wont even get admitted to do the training to become JTF2. JTF2 works with a point system. You need a minimum of 75 points on the physical test which includes a 1.5 mile run, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and bench press.

    If you do what Chaban said on the physical test, you will get 55 points. Your 20 points short. Even if you get 75 points, your not guarantee to qualify.

    If you have question, email me or something.

  6. Hello Philippe Biha Methot ,

    Thank’s for your comment regarding JTF2 , i dont see any where on my post where i say that you should only do the requirment …

    It’s known in the JTF2 that they only take the best , it’s not like in the Reserve or Regular … you are required a lot more just to access the training …

    Anyway thanks for your visit :)

  7. I think what Philippe was trying to say was that your blog implies that its not a hard test and all you need is … but he is correct in that you need a min 75 points and that they will take the best…however saying that if you get 120 points but can’t pass the psyc test or are just a plain A** then they may still not pick you up for the training (which you can still fail and be RTU (Return to unit))

  8. Thank’s Andy for your comment , i edited the sentence .

  9. No problem man, ill be joining the forces pretty soon problably in September and after my 2 years in the infantry, I am going to tryout for JTF2.

  10. You need three years in the military before you can try out for the JTF2. It is the most hard thing you can ever do in your life. Please try to respect what they do for they can leave at any sec and never come home to see there family from up to 6 months at a moment notice. Nice work guys in the JTF2 keep up the good work. Deeds not Words.

  11. how long dose it take you to be come Join Task Force two – JTF2

  12. im a reservist right now debating going reg, and a few ppl from my unit have tried to get into the training phase, a couple have made it, most have bombed out, but we’ll see if they go all the way. JTF2 is literaly the hardest thing to even apply for reserve or reg, let alone get into pass and onto the 7 months of training. where u can still be rtu’d, most go csor or sartech since the path to geto jtf2 is so insane, but i commend them for the job they do and what they had to do to get it.

    and your right chaaban infantry training is hard but u do get used to it… thats what the trainings for

  13. JTF2 is open to any member of the Canadian Force, not “in general you have to be in the ARMY” as you posted. The Army/land, Air Force (air) and Navy/marine are elements of the Canadian Forces. We have one Force just different elements therfore anyone in the CF can become a member of JTF2. There might be more members of it from the Army butit’s open to any member of any element.

    Also when you posted “I recently discovered That Canada have a Special Force (Not The SWAT Team) but Special Force for The ARMY”, SWAT (Speical Weapon and Tatics) or as they are known primarly in Canada ERT (Emergency Response Teams) are police teams and wouldn’t be consdiered Speical Forces at all. Sure they are specialized in close quarter battle etc over the normal officer but ERT is a differet animal from Special Operations so I don’t think that statment is really acurate to mention SWAT when you talk about Speical Operations.

    My two cents.

  14. For the JTF2 support personnel (SP) and specialist do they have the same training crse and level as Special Operations Assaulter?

  15. I am 15 years old and want to join the Army and eventually apply for JTF2 do you have any training tips for me?

  16. ya if you live on a cf basse go to the gym and get a apointement with a trainner they will put you into a self motivated routen if you will. once you turn 16 get into the reserves and keep in mind that the force is not a vedio game its not all gun ho and once you get hit your most likely done “not saying that its not posible to keep fightting” but go for it you neaver know.

  17. hey everyone i just need some insight from fellow cf members i have 4 years in reserves as a port inspection and ships diver im debating on trying out for csor or jtf2 alot of guys are saying i should go i dont have alot of combat tranning beeing a diver but explosives i am very well known to and iv done some time on a boarding party , i think i can make it more to teh physcial aspect scince iv been through alot of diving courses and there not easy , i want to go for aussalter , do you think i could or should even do this.
    any comment is greatly respected.

  18. thats hard core. im trying out for a co-op position with the cf for next year. how hard is the aptitude test? i know i will pass the physical with flying colours but depending on how hard the written is i dont know… i really hope i get in. im 17 i know i could just join but i would rather see if i like it first b4 i commit to it… this way im not stuck if i dont like it.

  19. how old do you have to be to join the reserves?

  20. Juste a little in, If you want to be a JTF2 members make sure that you really, and I said really want it and make sure that you are in the greatest shape that you never been, you have to be a ”machine”.

  21. if you want to get into csor or jtf2 you better be in some of the best shape of your life , take airborne course and learn how to run up mountains, to pass selection requires committing yourself not only
    to the unit but to your mates
    i was seconded to the brits for 9 years in spec ops then jtf2 and now retired
    good luck to all who make it .. it will be worth the ride

  22. hey im just about to turn 15 and wondering a few things becuase ever since i was young ive wanted to join the military and i just resently heard about the jtf2 and immidietly knew thats wat i wanted to do.so a few questions.how old do u have to be to join the reserves and just normal military? if joined which one is my best shot to prepare me for the training n tests for the jtf2? and what are some things i can do to prepare myself -u no like things i can learn so i have some knowledge and skills that i will need to make it in the JTF2?
    Thanx i will be thankful for your answers

  23. Hi there
    I have a 15 years son and he would like to joint the army .how does it work?
    Does he have to finish High school or can he change school?How many credits
    does he need?Can you explain everything -all process .It is a full time school
    with training and studying ??for how long?does my son have to sleep there over night?
    Please can tell me everything ?
    Thank you very much Iveta

  24. My boyfriend is a member of JTF2, I have been talking to him on the phone when he gets called out hardly time for an I love you. He is a captain very good at what he does. I just wanted to say that if you want to join JTF2 I hope you don’t want a family any time soon, I am not even allowed to know my boyfriends last name as I met him when he was already enlisted. It is difficult on the people that you love. It takes such discipline to do what they do and much more will power and courage to do what they do than any old military personal. Good luck to you guys who are joining or thinking of joining. God bless

  25. Im 13 and my entire life have dreamed of joining the infantry, 4 years ago I learned of JTF2 and have ever since there slowly working my way so I can exceed the standards. Anyone who wants to join I suggest and early start of training yourself physically.

  26. When I was 10 I heard about them,now I’m 15 and now I do all sort of sport,especially swimming and martial arts!!I tried to pass the qualification..I could but the problem is I could only 35 pushups if I continue I’ll fall!!I keep training but these days in montreal keep raining…anyways I hope you guys live and get accepted in JTF2:-)

  27. Gabe … the rain is stopping you from training ? :)

    If you want to join he JTF2 ..The Rain should be your best friend and nothing should stop you from training (weather , injuries , w/e)

    The rain time is when you can move without making noises .

  28. They specificly pick the most intellegent of their personal.

  29. Why don’t you go take a look at jtf2.forces.gc.ca. Their official web site, everything is on it. Honestly, rain shouldn’t stop you from training but injuries should do….. Take care of yourself first and don’t go on selection test if you are injured or you will break. Preparing for JTF2 is a lot more than just physical, prepare yourself mentally to, they need mature and experienced people. It’s a complete commitment! Hope this will help.

  30. For those who are thinking of going for JTF2, don’t make your decision based on whether other people think you should do it or not. You need to be entirely convinced and determined that you are going to be in, regardless of how hard it is, otherwise you won’t make it through when it gets hard.

  31. i just turned 15 and i was wondering if joining the infantry would help my chances when i apply to JTF2? and would paintballing help me with training?

  32. Full respect to JTF2 and CSOR … Just wondering if anyone out there could tell me what is the age cut off for entering JTF2?



  33. Ya that one got to me too … the rain … are you kidding me … lol …

    Is there any particular size JTF2 is looking for as I’m 6’6″ 275 in very good condition, well versed with weapons, h2h combat, disciplined, teachable, team player, smart, crazy, and believe in the mission …

    Also is there any issue with JTF2 if you are on anti depressants but have a clean record with no criminal charges?

    Thanks J

  34. JTF2 only earn $60,000 a year according to this article I found in 2004 … I think that is a complete insult … they should all earn $250,000 a year tax free.

    My business side … not to put a dollar figure on their services (priceless) as that is not my intention at all but simple to reward them for such courageous selflessness …

    CEO who rips of his own company and the public makes millions and the real heroes of our world continue to struggle …

    I trust PM Harper has raised it … not that it’s a deciding factor at all … it’s the integrity of the matter which I’m glad they didn’t leave out in the YouTube video report.

    I wonder how far your will and integrity will really carry you … I guess that’s the answer all us considering need to answer deep down … because the need for appropriate physical endurance / skill level is a given … the mental side is discipline, leadership, quick thinking, ingenuity, flat out fearlessness of dying, and lets face it … if your considering JTF2 you are no dummy so a lot of it is basic military common sense …

    I’m by no means make it sound easy as it is not … but it’s also not impossible. I think it would be the best job in the world.

    Thanks and much respect for all comments!

    JTF2 = Makes Me Proud To Be Canadian!


  35. J,

    You’re misinformed. An asaulter’s wages are dependant upon his rank coupled with seniority – as per every other member of the Canadian Forces. However, membership in JTF2 means getting special pay incentives which average 60k per year on top of your normal salary. Note that these incentives go well beyond the normal “spec pay” inherent to some MOC’s / trades such as the ones techs receive.

    Asaulter’s aren’t doing this for the money – it takes a very special breed. These guys want to be the best, working with the best.

  36. Also,

    J, you were wondering about the age cut-off. Generally, the average age in JTF2 is around 30 years old. JTF2 usually looks for independant and mature operators, no sheep are allowed at this level.

  37. I am in the reserves and have met many Reg force people who have attempted and failed the JTF2 selection course. I have also met a few who have passed it. To the people who cannot even spell the word “assaulter”…you will not make it. Just by judging the posts on this blog, I know a lot if not everyone here will not make it. The people who passed are a different kind of person: they are quiet and did not advertise that they want to ‘join jtf2 one day LOLZ because i saw it in a video game~!111oneone”. They just knew what they had to do and they did it. Hardly any of them joined the army with the goal of JTF2, they joined, went Reg, got into a jump COY and then took it one step at a time. Then along the way for whatever reason they got prompted to attempt selection. The ones who eventually make it do not post on message boards telling people how hard they are training, or how much they are bench pressing or how many different types of martial arts they know. The guys who make it are the ones who at this moment are probably swimming for their highschool teams, acing exams in college + are on their track teams, grinding on some gravel path somewhere completing a 15 mile run at -10 degrees, or already in the army in the jump COYs. They are smart and fit, and JTF2 is the last thing on their minds, but one day chance will prompt them to take the test and they will pass because they are the types of people who make it.

  38. Im only 15 with a wide background in a athletic field and i already can do the requirements that you state.
    I belive that to beconme a JTF2 it would take more of a phisical strees on your body.
    My father is in JTF2 and he told me it takes more then that.
    But thank you for the elaboration on what it would be like to be a JTF2

  39. The Physical test would be the easiest part of Joining the CSOR or the JTF-2

    the Psych test and the selection process are much harder, not to mention the months of training you must take after acceptance to the unit(s) even then the unit will drop you if your effort drops.

    to the Teenagers i would suggest finishing high school and wait for a few years of experience in the infantry(or your specialized trade) and get a great record with your current trade

    Even you you do 60 sit-ups, 20 chin-ups, 100 push-ups, 2.4km in 7minutes and so on you not guaranteed acceptance

    Don’t aim for joining the JTF-2/CSOR Be the best Soldier you can be and in a few years attempt the course remember if you fail that unfortunate many have failed before and many will fail after you but remember you’ve already succeeded at challenges most people will never face

    Like what RB said Step by step, act like a soldier don’t get in trouble with superiors

    I would recommend working on your mental intelligence as much you work on physical training

  40. Look, I’ll make this simple. Training for the JTF 2 doesnt require you to start preparing for it when your 13 years old cause you’ve played call of duty 4 one too many times and think its cool. Why not start by waiting till your old enough to join the army, try out the army life, and then decide if you like it or not. Its not a game, and its not easy. Enjoy your youth, and when the time comes then go for it. Until then, stop posting and blogging how much you train for it and how badly you want it. It won’t help. No one you talk to on any of these sites can give you any advice on how to make, in fact they will just fill your head with their own made up bull!@# of what the JTF 2 is. In reality, no one here actually knows. So just wait till you get the chance to be in the army, navy or air force, and go from there. As for preparing yourself, do your studies and keep fit and follow the !@# they have on the JTF 2 website.


  41. Hi, there im a student attending grade 11. Im very interested in the JTF2 and im just wondering.
    what standards or requirments would i need to come to for me to be apart of the canadian joint task force2?
    and what type of education would i need for me to become apart of the JTF2?

  42. Seriously man ? look at the comment above yours. If you want more information then any of these people on this blog can give you, go on the official JTF2 website provived by the CF.

  43. Is the JTF2 unit still in Ottawa ?

  44. Unfortunately, the info is wrong. You do not have to be in the army, its all elements. Yes, JTF2 is still at DHTC Ottawa.

  45. K, let me clarify.

    To all of you who claim your father or someone you know is in the JTF-2, it is extremely unlikely because if they were, you wouldn’t know about it.

    If you think doing a lot of sports and wanting to join since you were 12 because you played Call of Duty and one day thought it would be cool to jump out of helicopters and shoot guns at terrorists, you’re terribly wrong. This is a mindset, this has to be your priority in life, you have to put Canada before everyone and everything you have loved, love, and ever will love, and you have to have a superhuman sense of courage. You may be sitting infront of a monitor reading this thinking you can sum up the courage and fearlessness to do that, well, you can’t…not until they break you down, that is. Stop fooling yourself, if you want to join JTF-2, then get JTF-2 off your mind. As RB said, it has to be the last thing you want in order to get it.

  46. If you blog you want to be a JTF-2 Operator, you have no idea what these men do. As well, you’re setting yourself up for some major disappointment should you be fortunate enough to apply. They have a mind set (where it all starts, by the way) that you don’t understand, a level of fitness above and beyond what normal people would call “hard core”, and devotion to duty and brotherhood most would call fanatical. You do not acquire these traits overnight. Can you perform 100 push-ups at the drop of a hat? Can you hold your breath long enough to swim 50m underwater? Can you run 20km in combat boots and fatigues, then, turn around and do it again…with a weighted pack? Can you work for days on end with next to no sleep, eating only MRE’s?And they don’t want to hear about your sprained ankle, your headache, your shortness of breath, or your upset stomach. Understand, these men sometimes are called to operate in the shittiest of environments and you must be counted on to continue no matter what. The alternative, in theatre, is possibly death.
    You sure you want this? First, remove the words “I can’t” and “quit” from your vocabulary. Achievement is a lengthy and gradual process. Along the way, you learn about your character, level of commitment, desire, etc. If you could ask any present day operator if he wanted to join JTF-2 when he started his military career, most would say no, that their present position is a result of several years of being a high achieving leader.
    Also, they do not run around telling people who they are or of their exploits. They are content with a successful and safe operation.
    To all you wannabes, start your quest today by striving to do twice what the next man can do. Then, be ready to do it again. Good luck to all.
    To our JTF-2 members present and past….quite simply, thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. Without you, we would not be able to live here in our beautiful country and complain ad nauseum about the trivialities of life. Stay safe.

  47. Yes, The JTF2 H.Q is still out on Dwyer Hill Rd Ottawa. Go to their website for more info.

    And big Kudos to “Chalo”s post.
    Anyone that wants info on how to join JTF2, or has questions about aspects about it; look it up yourself instead of relying on a forum for all the answer to your questions. The internet has lots of of useful intel, and so does your local recruiting office. And JTF2 requires its’ personel to be literate, so to all you aspiring JTF2-ers I strongly recommend brushing up on your linguistic skills, because the grammer in some of these posts is horrid.

    CF to the End

  48. . all you young guys just want to join cause you’ve played call of duty or halo to much joining the army should be for your patriotism and for you fighting to make it a better place for others not being all obsessed with shooting somebody

  49. Hey, im 16 and recently heard about the JTF2. ive been looking into the army for a while and have already gone do to the recruitment center to learn more. I am very self motivated and up for a challenge. i think the harder the challenge, the bigger risk, the more u need to put into it, the better. im in good psyical shape. very athletic. can do 80pushup’s non-stop very fast. running im amazing at. even for my young age. i just have a few questions on what i need to do to be apply to apply for the JTF2. also i am looking to become a sniper specialist. would that just get in the way of my path towards JTF2, or would it add the chances of me getting accepted? if someone could please email it would be greatly appriciated. thank you for your time =)

  50. Have you guys ever heard about field cock? Its what we do in the military. When you come back from a week long excercise in the bush we dont shower, just wash our face, throw on some deoderant and try to get a girl at the bar to blow us, thus, field cock. Just thought i’d share that with you pussies.

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