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voice job – speed jobbing – sms job

We recently had a presentation from the president of a growing company in Montreal (Hakim Chikh) .

He presented his concepts and the way they work online and how he had the idea of making such business .

hakim sheikh cheikh chikh

VOICE JOB This concept is simple , users film there self or can go to the company to make the film (30 sec -> 2mn) and like this other companies have the opportunity to see the candidates “live” . Sometime you only need 1-2 mn to know if you like the person “First Impression” .

Speed Jobbing , This concept is based on Speed Dating (where men meet women trying to convince each other that they are made to be together and they only have few minutes …) , well here it’s the same but you have 8 minutes to sell your self , you have 8 minutes to convince them that you are made to work for them … if it don’t work you try another company , the process is not direct … i mean by this if the company like you , they will give you a long interview (1hr approximately) , there statistics says that 80% of the people got the long interview and 95% from those got a Job .

SMS JOB this concept is simple , user subscribe to the service , and they can get jobs related to what they are searching on there mobile cell phone .

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