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Shooting range

This weekend was week #9 in my Canadian Military Basic Qualification and it was the nicest till now !

Friday : We only had to prepare ourselves for the next day … and because i’m lucky they told me that i had to go in the morning (4:15 am) to get the food with the master warrant with 5 other guys .

So all what we did was clean our weapon for the next day and prepare our rack sack , we then went to sleep in a special room to not wake up the regiment at 4:15 am .

It was a super long night , as usual i didn’t sleep in fact i never sleep the first day … (pictures available)

Saturday : At 4:00 am i just decided to get up since i couldn’t sleep , and at 4:15 am i told the other to wake up and prepare there selves .

we then waited for the Master Warrant and at 5:00 am was the departure for Farham , we were 6 in the mini-bus and it was a trip of 75 km , we got the food and went to the Farnham Fire Range , at 7:00 am the Other soldiers arrived and we had to prepare for the breakfast .

farnham shooting range

At 8:00 AM we were grouped by 2 , relay 1 and relay 2 , i was the member of relay 1 , which mean we were going to shoot the first :)

It was very cold , we got our bullets and we had to fill the magazines , we got for the first day 92 bullets .

We started shooting at 9:00 AM approximately …

Shooting with the C-7 is soOOo CoOoOoL !!! The Feelings ,The Sounds , The smell lol , Really i enjoyed it to the 110% , I even didn’t put the plug in the ear to enjoy the sound

c7 riffle view

Relay 2 did the same and then we had our dinner and then afternoon was our test of the c7

The distance of the Shooting for the first day was 100 metre , the test was a grouping test we just had to shoot bullets at the same place and the distance between each bullet shouldn’t be more than 20 cm .

I passed the test , my best was 88 mm , we had like a little radar to see where bullet went on the target .

At 18:00 pm we went to St-Hyacinthe Regiment , it’s 50 km far from Farnham ,they have super cool and nice shower , but the problem was that we had to sleep in a outdoor tent and it was the first time , it was very cold and another problem is that i had to be guard for the night .. 2:00 am to 3:00 am .

Sunday : We woke up at 5:00 am and went to FARNHAM again we had our breakfast and it was the 200 metre shooting range , for this shooting we got 65 bullets , but it was a speed shooting .

we had to shoot 15 bullets in 40 seconds and another bullet each 5 seconds … we had to change position , target was automatic , it goes down and up .. so we had to be fast in shooting .

After our test which was also good , we had to clean everything and we managed to take some pics also ;)

Then at 2:00 pm we went back to Montreal and we had a long hour cleaning our weapon and we had to clean the regiment also …

Next Week : (#10) It will be one of the hardest week in the BMQ , it will be the GAZ CHAMBER and the Mapping , we will have to walk in the wood in the day and in the night using only map and we will also sleep outside .

only 2 trainings left before graduation ;)

canadian Soldier


  1. I’m at week #3 of BMQ at Ste-Hyacinthe, and I sympathize 100% with you. The tents are bloody cold (actually, one night cold air was coming out of the heater). I can’t wait to get to the C7s, sounds like its a lot of fun :)

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Cool !

    We slept in those tents lol .

    The problem with them is that if u turn on the heater , its bloody hot and if u turn them off its bloody cold …

    And yes The C7 Shooting is the Best Week .

    Stay tuned i might offer a new services for the people doing the BMQ … kind of small blogs where they can write there experience for other to benefit from it .

  3. Wait, if Bloggins is posting and is in training……. you guys GET INTERNET AT BASIC! Oh come on man. You dont talk to anyone outside for at least 2-3 weeks in american basic.

  4. No we dont have internet connection :)

    Our BMQ Is only on weekends (Friday – saturday sunday) during 11-13 weeks .

    Because i’m in the reserve , i have another life :)

    I’m full time student in graduate diploma , the full time training is only in summer .

    i will be doing my SQ (Soldier qualification) and MOC (Basic Military Occupational Training) (1-3 Months of training)

  5. Wish it was that way here. Here you have to go to active army basic/AIT, regardless of reserve, national guard, or active duty.

  6. hey ps ive been there done that and you all need to learn a few things artic tents for example, you either sleep in the buff or in your gitch with the heater on on top of your sleeping bags and ground sheet or in your bags in your gitch with out it, its easy enough to live threw, and when youve been in for a few years you will learn that 20 min of sleep is better then no sleep at all. when you do dp1 in the summer you will realize trying to stay awake every night for the 4 hours you get to sleep is inpractical. oh and a tip for cleaning your weapon so u dont have to spend 6 hours with it is brake cleaner, it peels the carbon off and it will be clean enough to pass the white glove test. after you use brake cleaner thow heavy on the clp just as a warning because if you have to see that weapon again once you use the break cleaner it starts to rust, rub it down after with a nice coat of clp.

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