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Difference between computer science and c++

Tarek , whats the difference between computer science and c++ programing ? is there math in any of them ? what is computer science used for ? what do u make with it ?

Computer Science is the systematic study of computing systems and computation. The body of knowledge resulting from this discipline contains theories for understanding computing systems and methods; design methodology, algorithms, and tools; methods for the testing of concepts; methods of analysis and verification; and knowledge representation and implementation.

What is Computer Science used for : New developments in software or hardware, information systems, computer systems organization, computer methodologies, data (including structures, encryption, coding and information theory)

Some of Those require programming language , one of those language is c++ and to let you know … there is more than 2000 programming language (php , java , c , perl , scheme , python , vb , vb.net , basic , prolog , Cobol , Fortran , C# , DELPHI , Assembler , etc …)

Is there any Math in Computer Science ? Yes .. there is and a lot ! we study math a loot of Math , some related to algorithm some related to logic some pure math .

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  1. Ahem!!! Computer Science is a branch of mathematics.

    Technology is a very interesting things, and all the stuff that surrounds us nowadays is certainly quite interesting, e.g. internet, ipods, etc.

    We all love technology.

    The term “Computer Science” is somehow not well coined, as it reflects only the most currently popular machine we use to perform computations. Informatics, used outside the US, only reflects the information part, not the manipulations on the data, and as Wirth stated: data + algorithm = program.

    Perhaps there is no such a good term for what we call Computer Science, but this cite from one of the greatest computer scientist in history (Djikstra) should clear what CS is:

    “Computer Science studies computers as Astronomy studies telescopes”.

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