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Saudi Government support Terrorism

One of My Best friend was Arrested 2 days ago (7 feb 2007) By The Saudi Government .

Reason : Carrying with him Books That warn Against Terrorism !!

I don’t know till when The Saudi Government will keep supporting and defending Terrorists , They claim on TV that they made some attacks on Terrorists but inside , Terrorists Own the Country .

Back to my friend … A prince (Friend of The Company he was going to work in) had to interfere to let him go out from the prison and they deported him back out of the country .

I spoke with him when he was in Saudia , he was not even able to tell me what’s happening because phones were under supervision .

It’s a very sad story because he was supposed to go work in a very big company of jewelry and make his life … now he’s with nothing .

Me my self this summer i was in Saudia , i argued with a Saudi Terrorist he wanted to call the police to arrest me , when i told him That I’m Canadian and that I’m waiting to see what he can do , he started to say “Be proud to be an Arab and not of being a Canadian ..” i told him I’m proud of being both but you guys are just a bunch of cowards .

I’m sure other attacks will occur and the Saudi government is not doing enough because “Wahhabies – Terrorists” are everywhere in Saudia .

All Friday speech are made by Wahhabies ! Each day more and more people will be brainwashed by them , books , Cd’s , audio cassettes are distributed to Million of people during religious events advertising there ideology !

Something should be done to prevent the increase of this … if not… more and more attacks will occur .

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