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Basic Military Qualification : week 8 – Exams

This weekend was the Exam week .

We did C7 Exam , DNBC Exam and The Drill Exam .

Friday : We did some review for the C7 Riffle then we had a review for the DNBC Exam ,

DNBC Stand for : Defence for Nuclear , Biological and Chemical .

We went to bed at 11 pm and as usual i didn’t sleep the whole night , i had to be fire picket from 3 AM to 4 am , i managed to review for the DNBC Exam .

Saturday : We woke up at 5 am and they gave us time to prepare and clean our weapon and study for the DNBC Exam that occurred at 8:00 am .

it was an easy exam , i expected a much harder exam .

Then we started doing some exercises to prepare for the Drill Exam , The Master Warrant Officer was giving drills order and then a Sergent came with a corporal to rate us without we know , so we had to make the same drills 7 times and at each time someone of us were rated without we know who it was … so we had to be perfect like the 7 times …

I took 19/20 on the drill the Sergent told me i had a little problem with present the gun … they always manage to not put a 100% grade … i don’t know why .

They even said it clearly … you guys are engines but still we need to write something on the papers

After that we took a C7 rifle review it was the hardest part , since a lot of moves were to be done and security issue …

Then we had A Telecommunication Course (Using Radio ..)

After that we had to put the DNBC Cloth , this is one of the worse thing ever in the army , having to wear the DNBC Cloth with the GAZ MASK , it really suck ! you can’t even take a breath like normal people , its very very very difficult part !

It look like this :


Then we had the rest of the day to clean and prepare ourselves .

Sunday : We woke up at 5:00 am and we had Physical training at 5:15 am , but it was to be done with the DNBC Protection cloth and the GAZ MASK , this pt was to show us how a biological or nuclear or chemical war affect the army and how it make a soldier weak .

It’s the Hardest pt ever made , we were in 4 sections and we had to carry beds with people on it , run with gallons of water 25 litre , we had to carry another soldier and run … we had to do all those for 15 times so we were 8 in the group and had to do 4 * 15 = 60 / 8 = 7.5 .. so each one of us had to do it 8 times but some of us did it more because we managed to always keep the light soldier on the bed so the weight is less .

I Swear after doing 1 or 2 , you can’t breath and its like someone choking you , this gas mask realy make big damages to the army force in a case of a nuclear war .

After that we take our shower and went to the daily inspection and then we had some review for the c7 rifle then after our dinner we started the exams each soldier had 30 mn exam to pass through all the points … it was all fine with me except when i had to discharge the magazine ,i made security check put on Safe and forgot to fire … i had to do this part again .. i did it without problem the second time .

Then we cleaned up the regiment and we finally went home !!

Next week is range WE ARE GOING TO SHOOT FINALLY !! and from now on we will sleep outdoor , 3 more weeks of training to go and the QMB will be done !

here are a photo of us during a class :

QMB 0710 – BMQ 0710 : GAZ MASK

QMB - BMQ - 0710


  1. Hey Chaaban nice pictures, we have two more weekends left and we graduate! Nice website!

  2. Hello Pte Diaz :) nice to see someone from the same course here ;)

    See you on Friday …

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