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Google Montreal Jobs

Today in my Strategy and E-business class the teacher (Rejean Gratton) mentioned that Google is now accepting applications for Montreal !

Currently there is 7 Google engineer at Montreal ,Lars Hansen spokesman didn’t accept to give any details about the issue .

Google is searching for a place of 100 000 squared meter , this building could have between 200 and 300 people .

after some research i found 1 job in Montreal at the official site of Google Jobs .

This is the Job Offer Google posted :

Senior Windows Developer – Montreal

This is based in Montreal, Canada.

Are you a Windows engineer with a passion for building cutting-edge search products? If so, we want you to join our world-class engineering team! You may be very familiar with some of the Windows products we’ve shipped so far, including Google Toolbar/Desktop/Picasa/Google Earth.

If you think those are great, just wait and see what we have in the works. Here at Google we are always on the forefront in the creation of new and exciting products.

If you love to use Google, have a penchant for creativity and innovation, and want to help us build revolutionary client applications, then join the Google client team.


8-10+ years of Windows product development experience.

Extensive experience programming in C/C++ with strong OO skills.

In-Depth knowledge of Windows SDK and Win32 API.

Previous experience shipping Windows products a plus.
BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.

Sense of humor.

Strong written and verbal English.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to jobs@google.com. Important: The subject field of your email must include Senior Windows Developer – Montreal.

Source : http://www.google.ca/support/jobs/bin/answer.py?answer=56021

I’m not a pro in windows but i think I’ll give it a chance and go give my CV in person !


  1. So, did you go and TRY to give your resume in person? I know I did.

    And the address at the 1000 de la Gaucetiere is a false address. Its a virtual office they have there. Its actually another company that receives their mail and then forwards it to the RIGHT address.

    The secretary there couldn’t answer me when I asked her if there was a way to get in touch with someone at Google Montréal.

    She kept repeating “Go to Google.com if you want info about the company, I don’t know…” Which just shows how me she knows about the customers of the company she’s working for.


  2. No i dident went yet :)

    I was very busy with University since it’s a mid term period and i had work with the army …

    You saved me time because i thought they really were there …

    We can only keep dreaming … except if we give a visit to California we might see the big heads there .

    Anyway good luck … Google is not the only company offering a job , i know it’s better to work there with all the advertisement they are making about how fun is to work in Google …

    But still even in Montreal we could find a place were we will enjoy working ;)

    Till now i didn’t …maybe that why i never had a job Yet ? (Except the ARMY & Security and Teaching) :o

  3. Hello :-)

    Had any luck with Google Montreal ? I’m a third year IT engineering student at ETSMTL.ca

    I’ll be looking for a job this summer and an internship next autumn.

    They are in 1000 de la Gauchetière right ?


  4. Google Montreal … they are not recruting yet , maybe 1-2 nothing more .

    I hope they do open in Montreal , we need google here :)

  5. I heard that their site is in ”Cite du Multimedia” but no one is able to confirm that…

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