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Basic Military Training week 7 : Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence

This week was the hardest week till now , we made a lot of physical exercises and competitions between sections .

Friday : We started with a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence course , it was a series of 10 courses with practice then we got some time to prepare for the next day , we had to prepare our rack sack to be conform to the list we were given .

Saturday : We woke up at 5:00 am and were ready at 5:15 to start the PT , but the Lieutenant decided to make a check on our rack sack and that we are conform … only 1 soldier had all the items in his rack sack … i dont know how he managed to put all stuff in it after a long check process we were given 15 MN to prepare for the breakfast .

Inspection at 7:15 were OK , my weapon was clean my only prob was that i dident take a full shower , when he asked me did you take your shower today , i answered : I took a 1/2 shower Sergent :D , since we dident made a pt i only watered my upper body … so that was negative point for the Inspection … What ever you prepare for inspections they will always manage to find something negative !

After That we went to take Courses related to : Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence , we made some exams it was fine , i passed all of them with a good grade .

Then we took Courses related to the C7 Riffle , how to aim if there is wind , if the target is moving etc…

At the end of the day nearly 7 pm , The Lieutenant told us to prepare our helmet , our rack sack and our tactical vest , then they grouped us in 4 sections of 8 members .

It was a preparation for the competition that they prepared between sections :

The Competition was :

- We had to do it 2 by 2 .
- Take our 2 rack sack , put them on a army bed with our c7 riffle

Army injured bed

- Then we had to run for approximately 100 metre with it .

Next Step was to go to the Riffle table , make security process and dissemble the c7 riffle , get the OK from The Corporal then assemble it and make functionality tests .

At this period the next group could start …

After that we had to go run for 50 metre , and make 10 push up + 10 ( i dont know how its called in English , its like u jump in the air and then go down) .

After that we had to put a soldier on our back and run for 50 metre .

Final Step was to go to the Gym and empty our rack sack get the OK from the Corporal then fill it the fastest .

When done , we had to start again the whole process .

Our Section terminated first for the Test , and last for the real competition that was held on Sunday :P

Sunday The Physical Training (pt) was held at 5:15 and as i mentioned it was the Competition …

After that we were given 15 MN to take a shower , and be ready for breakfast , we only had 10 MN to eat !!%$^7@*

Inspection were bad as usual because they always try to find new stuff , so now they started checking if the magazines were clean and if the bayonet is clean … let’s see what will they find on the next inspection :)

Then we started our daily classes , with C7 , Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence , MAPS and Radio Classes …

We also got the Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence Suit , which look like a bunny , i might take pictures next time .

The Bad thing is that they started saying GAZ GAZ GAZ … each time we had to put the GAZ masque which is very irritable … but we get used to it after a while .

At the End of the day we made small competition again on filling the C7 magazines with bullets to see who can make it the fastest , i managed to be the first on all tests even when the Corporal instructor joined us … few weeks ago i got 35 seconds to fill 30 bullets… this week my best was 37 i dropped some .. but i think i can do it in 33-35 seconds .

This was our week 7 , next week we will do exams for : Drills , Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence and C7 , it will be the last week indoor !

Then 3 weeks where we will sleep outdoor then Graduation !!

I dont want it to finish , i’m starting to get used to the people there …

here are some pictures :

My Army bed were i sleep …

Army sleeping bed

Canadian Army Competition in Process …

Canadian army competition

My BMQ Canadian Army Section …

Canadian army section


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    I live in usa Im 27 yar old I want to join
    canadian army

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