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Basic Military Qualification : First AID Training

Week 6: We are now 32 so nearly 50% of the people left the course …

This week was our FIRST AID Training , it was a nice week and i passed it , so now i have The First Aid Certificate .

It was a long and nice week , especially when the sessions are mostly given by Girls :mrgreen:

I would like to Thanks Master Corporal Payeur for answering all my questions ;)

I dont have a lot to say about First Aid Training , it was intense and we got a lot of info with a lot of practice .

We got info on most injuries and prevention , how to perform mechanical ventilation to adult , children and babies …

Since i dont want to post more about FIRST AID MILITARY TRAINING , i got 2 videos to show :

      BMQ TRAINING VIDEO (Basic Military Qualification) :: 23 mn
      SQ TRAINING VIDEO (Soldier Qualification) :: 8 mn

For the First Video (BMQ), it’s exactly what’s i’m doing now , i watched it 6 times and each time i still enjoy it because i’m doing them now .. so i see what it will look like .

For The SQ video , it’s what i will do in the Summer , it’s more related to Infantry Training .

Then Also in Summer .. The PP1 (You can watch the PP1 canadian army video)


  1. that bmq video is from 2000 is it not?

  2. I am a male from Nigeria and am interested in joining the canadian militay.
    please i seek your help towards this request.
    Wish to hear from you.

  3. Ifeanyi, you have to be a canadian citizen as far as I know thats the only way. Head over to the canadian recruiting site and fire a question their way.

    Thanks for the BMQ breakdown, im going in soon myself and I appreciate it greatly.

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