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This week military training :

Friday : We arrived at 6:30 pm and inspection started at 7 pm , then we went to sign to take our c-7 riffle then had a refresh of memory related to all what we took before and we “SLEPT” at 11:00 pm , i couldn’t close an eye all the night , no idea why , i was just looking at the time each 5-10 mn , it was a super long night .

Saturday : I managed to sleep 1-2 hr , and at 4:45 am i woke up to prepare for the physical training , we started our PT (physical training) at 5:15 mn we made some stretching before heading up for the real training , which was running in Mont-Royal , it was still dark and we couldn’t see clearly , raining a little bit and a lot of ice on the road ; We had to run for about 25 mn which was ok then we went back to the base and made more stretching .

At 6:15 am we had our lunch and Inspection was at 7:15 am , each week more restriction are made , like first week we were only inspected on ourselves then the week after on our c-7 now we are inspected on all stuff we have (our selves , our c-7 , our bed , our rack sack …)

At 8:00 am courses started again and the day passed quickly , we had a super nice lunch (SALMON) And a lot of cakes and sweet stuff .

The Courses we took in the day were related to (MAPS , DRILLS , C-7 , WMD – BIOLOGICAL AND NUCLEAR WEAPON) , I might write something about the protection against wmd .

we finished early and we took a break at 8 pm , so i spent the free time cleaning my boots and my c-7 and preparing for the next day .

At 10:30 pm i received the bad news that i had to be the guard again in the night (1:00 am till 2:00am) , it’s only 1 hr but when it has been 36 hr that you didn’t sleep … it’s very hard to make … so i tried to sleep early to compensate .

Sunday : I woke up at 1:00 am and made my time till 2:00 am , then woke up again at 5:00 am to prepare for the Army Physical Training , we made the same pt as the day before .

At 7:15 am we had our special inspection , special because it was made by the Master Warrant Officer and it was going to decide if we could go out to public with out army uniform .

It was a good inspection and we were allowed to go out with our Army Uniform .

During the day we took few courses related to reading maps and how to calculate distances on map and using the compass , we also took more about The C7 riffle , we will have an exam soon related to the c7 .

Next week will a special week dedicated to “FIRST AID” we will have 3 days training and an exam at the end .

This is what i like in the army , they pay us to do stuff we usually pay to do :)

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