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Saddam Hussein Execution video

I didnt want to post about this … but yes it will be my first post in 2007 .

I dont want to open a door for people to speak about a dead man , but what i know is that he didnt get a fair judgment and That Bush and Blair should have the same treatment , both are responsible of the killing of thousands of innocent people .

Saddam Hussein was murdered few days ago , and i was one of the first to publish the video of the execution on youtube and Google video .

I got 75,000 108 ,000 views in 2 days from Google video ! and 10 ,000 14,000 views from youtube !

Total 85K Viewed the Sadam husein execution video , People are so curious !

Update : I was right , Saddam wasnt hanged by the governement , his was hanged by member of Mouktada al Sader a pro-shia , also the one who filmed the video is in Jail now ; The Iraqi Governement will make an investigation .

WARNING , This video contain the actual hanging of Saddam Hussein

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  1. I was one of the firsts to watch your video.. and of course, since you gave yourself credit on the video, I paid a visit to your site.

  2. i’m really confused as to how u feel.

    Honestly, hanging was to good for Sadaam.

    He should have been made to be poor, hungry, and in fear for the rest of his life.

    I do not agree with capital punishment, however I agree that those who dictate and punish should be punished. I don\’t like the way Bush runs this country however his is far from Sadaam.

    You moved to a place where you got to enjoy Democracy after having to endure much tragedy and for that I am sorry for you but please do not put Bush and Blair in the same category as Sadaam.

    People of the US can enjoy watching Bush walk away in a couple of years (Thank God) But what did the people of Iraq have to look forward to? The execution should or should not have been publicized? Who knows? We need to think
    about the people worried to walk down the street in Iraq instead of seeing an execution or being worried about it.

    You are in a military who also will fight against dictatorship yet you seem to be supporting Sadaam? Please make your feelings more clear.

    People dont like George W. and think Tony Blair made bad decisions and I think both need replaced but what do you really mean, can you clarify your feelings.

    Thanks – xxxx

  3. Hello ,

    Since this was private message i wont publish the name of the sender … rather i will just clarify my self .

    -1- I never said i supported Saddam Hussein, any one who support the killing of innocent people is an A.H .. what i said was “Saddam didnt get a fair judgment” , he was judged for the killing of 140 Iraqis and if you read the news each week more than 140 Iraqis are being killed because it’s a big mess now in IRAQ and all this is because The Miserable Failure Bush want the Oil of IRAQ .

    -2- Saddam Hussein follow the Sunni’s , he was executed on a Sunni Celebration date by Shia (This will intensify the tension between Sunnis and shia in Iraq which mean more bombing … more innocent people killed)

    -3- Saddam Hussein was 69 years old , turning 70 in less than 4 month and in the IRAQI laws a person older than 70 cannot be hanged which explain more why Iraqis government under U.S supervision wanted the HANGING A.S.A.P

    And dont forget that the average years that a human live is between (65 and 75) so he was already close to death .

    -4- U.S invaded IRAQ on false reports and till now they didn’t find any NUCLEAR BOMBS …

    -5- Saddam Hussein was cooperating and even i remember seeing on TV before the invasion that some missiles were being destroyed .

    As for Saddam Hussein crime i will not enter in a debate , but who does Bush think he is to judge people ? he’s saying he is helping Iraqis people … we all know this is just B.S when Saddam was ruling the country few years ago , no killing were occurring (maybe some but not 100+ each week)

    Who is paying for the war in Iraq ? till now $379 billion allocated by the U.S. Congress for the Iraq war

    More than 3000 American Soldier died ; more than 150,000 Iraqis .

    Is this normal ?

    Who is more dangerous Oussama Ben laden or Saddam Hussein ? of course Oussama Bin laden , why do we only hear about Oussama ben laden when there is elections ?

    Finally yes I’m in the military and in the military we have to obey order , but this doesn’t mean we have to agree with injustice even if it will cost me my job , a good soldier is not a robot rather it’s a person that differentiate between good and bad .

    I think it’s enough for me … nearly 3 am here .

  4. I think looking back now at the country, you are right it was more stable.

    Saddam supported Sunni and suppressed the Shia (Butchered I mean).

    So now that he had been caught it is only natural they want a little payback. They got it I hope at the end of that rope they dropped Saddam from. In the U.S. all religions get along pretty well. Yes there is problem in the U.S., but they don’t go to killing each other just because someone else does not like what they do or believe.

    Being in the military is not a job, but becomes your duty and honor when you swear an oath to the service, and losing your job if you do not follow orders would mean losing the freedom you now enjoy.

    Iraq needs democracy. Yes getting democracy to work there is going to be hard. In time things will get better, but people there have to want it to work. Any country that has ever taken democracy has fared far better than those that have not. A good example is Mexico. Yes they still have a lot of crime, but there middle class climbs in number every year, and I am not talking about the ones who cross the border into the U.S. either :) .

    Do you think that the U.S. and British military enjoy spending billions just to blow “shit” up? Point is his sons got it quicker, but Saddam reaped what he sowed. He got what he deserved.

    The birth of America was not done over a f**** pick-nic! We paid our due for what we have. My Grandfathers gave with their lives.

    Oil is not the issue in Iraq. We are not there for oil. If we wanted to wash our hands of the high priced crude in the Middle East tomorrow we could get all we need from Alaska and Russia. When we buy the oil of the Middle East at a good price it benefits us and the people there. Production of oil there provides jobs. A real problem is the birth rate there and a lack of or allowing the education of women in the area of birth control.

    Job there never will be able to keep up with a birth rate that is out of control. So what do these young men do that can’t find jobs, they join the open armed radical so-called Islamic fundamentalist who will happily convince them to blow there selves up in the name of God.

    Sorry, I have never read anywhere, where God said go blow yourself and innocent people in my name. Oh yes with that democracy come a better education so men can read there Koran for there selves to see what it really says.

  5. Actually I also agree there is something bout Bush wanting to topple Sadaam right from the start.

    I remember when his father was president, before Clinton, he also was looking for ways to get into Iraq.

    A US soldier refused to go to Iraq, went public and said that this war is illegal and the leaders of the U.S. are misusing their powers.

    And I remember there were no weapons of mass destruction found.

    Well, Sadaam is gone, so are 150k Iraqis, 3000 Americans and alot of money.

    I think people remember these things in their heart and pass on what they went thru to their children.

    I’m not really into politics but I would have big trouble sleeping at nite and think of what I am going to answer to GOD if I started something which cost that many human lives.

  6. hi
    really u hav done a goood job by making the world to know the cruel act of …………….

  7. Hello all,
    Im so glad that we have a country as great as ours where we can say how we feel freely without being persecuted like we would in other countries like Cuba and other countries where you would be beaten to death in the street by soilders just for even hinting your opinion. Folks lets stop for a second and think for a moment. Do you people really actually think that if Weapons Of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq, do you really actually think that it would be made public for all to know?? Do you have any idea how many far dangerous things that are going on around us everyday that we have no idea about. The main focus of our President and the Government is to protect us, which is why we dont know about things that are going on around us. The rule of thumb since Abraham Lincoln has always been that the less the people know, the better. The television is just a puppet used by people with ideas, opinions, and altimatums. The fact is that we are well protected, yes we were successfully attacked on 9/11 but what about the other times we were attacked but our Government stopped it? We dont know because if we did it would be widespread fear! We are attacked daily and we never know it because it is stopped before the public gets wind of it. I think our President is doing his job, i just think hes been put in a very awkward place at a awkward time with very very tough decisions. I really think hes sacrificing his name to protect his country, where as Bill Clinton was praised for being such a great president and yet he found time to cheat on his wife during his office. If we had to compare i would say that President Bush is a far better example, at least when President Bush says hes going to do something, he does it and sticks to it, rather then deny such obvious lies. Dont forget people,no one is perfect but when someone tries, it shows, and Bush shows that effort. Most of my Family are soldiers in Iraq right now and what they see over there is such a different story then what we see on TV. Wether we like it or not, there are real sick Terrorist over there ready and willing to kill any of us here if they had the chance, CNN seems to overlook that during there News Briefs. Folks next time you hear about things going on try real hard to look further and you will see that sometimes were being told a different story for our own good. I hope some insight was shed to those who read this, either you will agree with me completely or think im out of my mind either way always look deeper dont eat out of someones hand just because it looks & sounds good.

  8. America judged saddam so this is not fair .

    if iraq had judged him , it would have been fair for him .

    But america has judged saddam .

  9. Americans you live in a glass house. the saying that those who live in a glass house don’t throw stones is real .but you Americans you threw the first stone so you are always in fear of the people you call terrorists.who created them? its the Americans out of greed you caused war.may the floods sweep through America like that of Noah of the bible

  10. he got what he deserved, on top of that he was a corward to let his sona die like that

  11. Saddam may have done terrible deeds, during his life, but once he died, Iraq was put in a much larger hole than when we was around. The U.S. had to spend way too much money and troops’ lives getting the country back in order. When Saddam was there, there was order.

  12. i want to be in army with canada in iraq or in were
    thank yo nuhad shamoon

  13. Saddam should have been tried for a lot more than 140 killings of Iraqis. Who lead the Kurdistan genocide?? Saddam Hussein. How many people were killed my Alfan chemical weapons??

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