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Last post in 2006

This Will be My Last Post in 2006 .

2006 was generally a fine year for me even if a lot of bad thing occurred but still I’m in a good health and that’s what count the more .

Good Things in 2006 :

The best i think for me was My graduation in Computer Sc , it was really hard to get it and had to work very hard … but finally i got it with “VERY GOOD” …

The next good thing was my acceptance at the Business School (HEC.CA) one of the best School of business in North America .

Then I Joined The Canadian Army a lot of hard work but still making it …

Bad Things in 2006

- The war in Lebanon : after my graduation i decided to visit the family in Leb … being absent for 5 years , We got evacuated by the Canadian army .

- The Murder of Saddam Hussein , even if he was a bad person i dont think he was judged fairly , I think Americans killed him to hide the truth …

- My Grand Mother died 2 days before 2007 .

This is basically what i still have in memory of 2006 …

Project for 2007

- Finish my Graduate diploma in E-Business .
- Finish the army courses (BMQ , SQ , PP1) .
- Put More effort on the web .
- Start working on paper for Australian Immigration .
- Try to find time for GYM and Martial arts training .


  1. hi tarek , im sengül ,
    im living in türkey , do you know there ..?
    ı know you know türkey ,
    ı have found your site coincidently ,
    because ı have written the search engine iraq so i have read your blogs etc.
    i want tot ask you a question :
    you have worked in canadian army , abut you say americans killed the saddam ,
    Canada maintains a diversified economy that is heavily reliant upon its abundant natural resources and upon trade — particularly with the United States, with which Canada has had a long and complex relationship.
    my question is what do you think about this relationship ?
    thank you for readig my comment .

  2. Hello Sengul ,

    Yes i know where turkia is :)

    There is an important point to make clear …

    There is difference between USA As country , as people and policy etc …

    As a Country United states is very nice same thing related to the people … there is a lot of nice people there and i have a lot of friends from the US .

    The thing i disagree with the US is there policy , especially the policy toward other country , it’s the worse policy someone could have …

    In one word they are only trying to Rule The World , instead of feeding poor people and helping there own people.

    As for the Relation between Canada and USA … It’s not that amicable there is a lot of problems between Canada and USA

    Even recently US ruled a new rule “Obligation for all Canadians to have a passport if they wanted to enter usa”

    Also i know there is a lot of trade problem (USA Not wanting to pay Canada …)

    I would prefer that Canada stay independent from all other countries .. but sometime this is hard and you need the help of other to get to your goals .

    Hope you got my point of view ;)

    Thank for your visit .


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