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php stats referral program

I’m currently working on a php stats referral program .

The program allow :

- user to register .
- user to login .
- Referal System .
- Stats by Day / Month / Year .
- Allow The Administrator to see All users Referal Stats .
- Allow Administrator to reset Stats .

The referal system work in a way that each user is assigned an url and will receive an id , when visitors come to the referral system using the id (?ref=id) , this visit is noted and kept for stats issue .

This feature can help tracking Stats/Visits and can be used in different environment .

I think that’s All for now , I might put a demo when done and maybe to turn it into a WordPress plugin in case someone would need this kind of feature .

Update : The Project was canceled even if i did nearly 60% of it … i discovered that this program was intended to be for Adult Site … which is against my Principles


  1. So You decide to be out of business

  2. No way :)

    I’m still in , i just dropped that project .

    Recently i launched : Armed and Famous

    I dont want to help people adding more BS on the net .

    Especially when the % of kids using the net is growing .

  3. Can you send this user refral system source code

  4. The program is not done , i might in the future work on it and maybe sell versions …

    but for now , time is a problem with me .

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