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BMQ Training

BMQ or (QMB in french Qualification Militaire de Base) stand for BASIC Military Qualification .

This Weekend was my week # 4 out of 11 in my BMQ , it was a very nice week and it passed very fast .

before i start … have to say that we are now 40 soldiers , we have lost 21 soldiers , we are just in week #4 … some find it very hard and couldn’t handle the pressure and other had to travel and other found a better job ..

ok Let start …

Friday : We arrived as usually at 6:30 pm and put our uniform and got ready for inspection at 7:00 pm .

After that they finally gave us The C7 (it’s the same as M-16 American Version but Canadian modified)

here is a pic of what’s its look like .

Assault riffle c7 Canadian version

They Also gave us a BAYONETS (Military knife that can be inserted to the C7) , 5 Empty magazines , cleaning kit .

After that we went to the class and had a security course on the usage of the C-7 (what we should do and what we shouldn’t do …)

The Big Point was that we should never leave our C-7 without supervision we had to keep it with us 24/24 , we even had to sleep with it !

Another big big point never point the C7 on someone … All what they said was logical and any person with IQ less than 40 would know that …

We then went to sleep at 12:00 , i couldn’t sleep all night i dont know why , i just keep waking up each 5-10 mn to see what time it is … horrible night , i finally woke up at 4:30 am and prepared my self , i even had to go to the toilet with my riffle since the others were sleeping and i couldn’t keep my c-7 with someone !

Saturday : At 5:00 am everyone got up and they had rack sack march outside (very hard exercise) i didn’t do it cause i had a medical paper from my dr. (injury the knee) , so instead i went to the get food with a Corporal it was ok , it just took us a lot of time to get the food from LONGPOINT ARMY BASE .

We ate and at 7:00 am we had our inspection , it was fine except my Sergent lost my helmet lol , because when we went to get food they told us to leave our riffle (c7) near the truck and they will take care of it , so i asked him can i leave my helmet ? he said ok , then when i went back , the helmet was gone ! good for me i didn’t have to carry it all the day (Weight ~2-3 kg) , he told me he will search for it … but at the end of the day i found it and he was more than happy when i told him that i found it .. lol poor him

Basically all what we did on Saturday was related to the C7 Assault riffle , we learned how to put it in pieces , how to clean it , how to use it … etc

I took those 2 pics from my cell :

riffle Canadian made

c7 pieces

Sunday : I had to be Guard from (12:00 to 1:00am) we went to sleep at 11:00 pm and i was so tired that i slept in less than 5 mn , then someone came and woke me up @ 11:45 pm , i was so tired … but managed to put up my uniform and ready to start my night shift , it was fine i managed to study because we had an exam on the next day .

We basically do a lot of exams and on each Sunday we have a general exam related to what we took the last week … so i got the time to read my notes and then went back to sleep at 1:00 am when my shift was done .

My friend woke me up at 4:45 to get ready for the PT (Physical Training) even if i was injured in my knee i made effort to make it with the other , i only got problem on the stairs but in sit-ups and push-ups and jumping jack it was ok .

The We had inspection and Exam started at 8:00 am , and courses started again ..

During the day we had courses related to the C-7 And we made drills using the c7 also .

We also had a pre-test on “Inserting bullets in a magazine” we had to insert 30 bullets manually in less than 55 seconds , in this i was the fastest in my section , i managed to insert 30 bullets in 35 seconds , i know i can do better , my next goal would be to insert 30 bullets in 30 seconds .

This is basically what we did this Week End … we now have a break of 3 weeks , so i will try to rest and hope my knee would feel better by then .

If you have any question on bmq let me know .


  1. Wow…21 already gone..and it’s only the 4th weekend. Wow. Good to hear you’re enjoying it though, but honestly, wow. I did the summer BMQ/SQ course at Meaford in Ontario, and we definately did not have a third of our course drop out, we had a few RTUed for medical reasons, like one guy who busted his foot literally 3 steps into our first PT run, he messed up his foot rather nicely hitting a small pothole in the gravel pit we called home (we slept in mod tents thrown over some concrete slabs in what could best be likened to a gravel parking lot with a washroom building in the centre). We only had a couple leave, but a full third…wow, that’s just…mind blowing. With that said, I hope your knee gets better, and I wish you luck when your course starts up again.

  2. Thank’s keyes for your comment , yes it’s a big wow .. i dont know why they are leaving …

    some said it’s not what they expected other found it very hard .

    Especially in the PT they are really messing with us but it’s still feasible .

    My knee i hope is better , since i had nearly 1 month of break time , i bought a home bicycle and doing a lot of exercises .

    I really want to finish from the bmq , wishing to start the SQ (more fun) .

  3. hey … well I’m only 16 and I’m not really educated about this stuff but i just came across your site … and my bf is 16 and hes planing on joining the army and i don’t like it at all i think its not gonna be what he expects or maybe I’m just worried but i love him and i dont want him to stop his dream for me because hes into cadets and he thinks it looks really funny and he is completely focused on it and so I’m just wondering if its all its cracked up to be….

    xoxo Melissa >> Your_babi_07 [at] hotmail [dot] com … if you could let me know it would save a lot of time … thxx

  4. Hello Melissa ,

    I understand what you are passing threw …

    What he can do is join the Reserve Forces , in the reserve he will see what the army look like , if it’s not what he expect then he can leave at any time without anyone asking him questions .

    And don’t stop him from doing what he like , if he like the army so let it be that way , but you and him should know what he will pass a lot of time away from you , especially in the summer (2-4 months).

    For The danger related to the job … it’s like any job it contain danger … sometime more , sometime less .

    Hope i answered your questions .

  5. I was just wondering if dropping out of school a year early would make any difference in the infantry. I am in gr.11 which I would finish, I have straight A’s well the odd B. I have read books about the army for a couple of years now. I can run better than the JTF2 min. requirements, as for push-ups (working on it). Infantry is what I want and I have always liked being the best it is what I strive for. And I don’t want to waste anytime doing irrelevant school work, becuase I want to be JTF2 for as long as possible. And for me not making it hasn’t really crossed my mind, so I have no back up plan and have always figured that if you have a back up plan you are giving yourself a reason to fail or quit. So back to the question would dropping out a year early affect me in anyway.

  6. Hello cameron, I as well am 17, and in 11th grade, thinking about joining the reserve force, and have been reading up on it as much as possible. What I suggest for you to do, seeing as you are getting A’s and B’s, dropping out, right before your last year of high school is pointless. Getting your diploma should be your top priority, regardless of your dreams. You can join the reserve force and still stay in school, at least to finish. Then, I honnestly dont know how it works, but go full time when you are done, its just smarter. What if something happens to you and you cant stay in the army, what will you do without your diploma? Anyway, thats just my opinion :) . I enjoy expressing myself every now and then. Best of luck.

  7. I have just applied to the CF’S about a month ago. I have not yet got the call to write the aptitude test. I really want to join the army because i love what they do and how someone is always pushing you to do better. Right now i am a really lazy person in doing school related stuff, so i thought that a few years in the army will do me good for when i want to go to college. Anyways i have one friend who is joining with me but everyone else i know is telling me not to go. I have always wanted to join the army learn new things and experience new things. I really just wanted to know if the army is all its cracked up to be, everyone i talked to who has joined the army says its a good push in the right direction in life in the sense that everything after it will seem like a piece of cake.

    Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this, and lemme know what you think. :)

  8. Should i join the CF’S???
    I already applied and really want to go is it worth it?

  9. How to join and what are the benefits

  10. I just recently got sworn into the RHLI in Hamilton Ontario. My question is I am set to take the BMQ soon and I have no idea what to expect. I am in grat shape (workout 4 times a week) and I can run like a bastard. I was just wondering what are the few things that make or break you at the BMQ what should I focus on and what should I avoid. Are my chances pretty good of making it? ANy comments would be appreciated!

  11. I’m worried about the classes and such, because I’m an extremely slow and crappy writer, i write about 10 very illegible words per minute whereas on my laptop i type up to 80 words per minute, i was wondering if bringing my laptop is really a bad idea or if its a reasonable option?

  12. Anthony dont worry you will be ok , just never give up , if you are in good health and can run a lot BMQ shouldn’t be a problem .

    Ghyslyn , it’s a bad idea to take your laptop … since most time you dont know what ur doing next (you could be taking a class and then directly gone to the wood) , so it will only bring you headache .

    what i can tell you is try to take as much info as you can , and ask the instructor if you have a question , after that when reviewing take notes of your friends and fill up white spaces .. it will be a good review for exams .

    Good Luck ;)

  13. Im planning on joinign the reserves, do you have to be exactly 16 or can you join like 4 months before your birthday, because im born in december and that sucks the big one.
    Im also a slow runner, im planning in runing lots and training, but im worried about that.

    o ya, by the way. is the reserve’s BMQ way different? like how long is it?

  14. Moi aussi je me répare a joindre la forces de réseve a Valcartier. J’espere vraiment aimé ca et merci de me faire voir a quoi ca ressemble. Bonne chance merci, take care

  15. I know this might be a stupid question lol, but I’ve seen a lot of people in the military bring their C7′s home with them… you don’t do that in the reserves do you? I start my C7 training in a week lol (SO EXCITED)! Thanks!

  16. Hey, just a quick question about your knee injury. I actually just had the exact same weekend 2 weekends ago, but I’ve had a messed up knee all this week and am supposed to do my 6th weekend in BMQ tomorrow-Sunday the 28th. I’m going to see a doc tonight and I’m hoping that they’ll tell me I’ll be okay to go, but if I’m not, do you know what we’re supposed to do? Call your MCpl and tell them there’s a medical injury?

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