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Canadian military training week 3

I came yesterday from my third week in the Canadian military basic qualification , i was so tired that i slept from 9 pm to 6 am the next day .

I didn’t publish what we made last week since we didn’t sleep there and we only took our stuff on Saturday you can see them here : ARMY STUFF

On Sunday we had a whole day course about harassment .

This week was different because now we are in uniform .

Friday : We arrived at 7 pm , had inspection , had to fix our beds and then we started the courses (Theory , some drills …)

Saturday : We had physical training at 5:30 am , we made some stretching at the beginning then we were approximately 50 so they divided us into 5 groups of 10 and we had to go through a cycle .

5 cycles :

- The Push-ups cycle
- The Sit-ups cycle
- The running with 20 kg for 100 metre cycle (relay running)
- The jumping cycle (we had to make push up + jump in the air)
- The Bench Dips cycle

Each cycle is 2 MN , so we keep making push-ups for 2 MN , then we go to the sit-ups for 2 MN …

We made 3 cycles (3 * 5 cycles)

And at the end we just made stretching again ET voila !

We then had our breakfast and inspection and courses started at 8 am .

Courses were kind of boring because it was related to laws in the army … but the nice course was about maps and how to understand a topographic map .

Last thing we did was how to setup our Ruck Sack (big bad that soldier put on there back to carry all there stuff when they walk) , it’s not hard to do it … but you have to follow instruction because there is many pieces in it , it took us nearly 1 hour to set it up .

Then we went to sleep at 11:00 pm ,I had to wake up at 1:00 am since it was my turn for the group protection , had to make sure no fire or intrusion happen while the other sleeps it’s only for 1 hour … so i went to sleep again at 2:00 am .

I was the group senior this week , so i had to tell my group what to do and try to gather them to be on time for the class , so i took the decision to wake them up at 4:45 am instead of 5:00 am so we can get more time to prepare our self since we had to go out with our ruck sack (~40lb) .

Sunday : Our Physical Training started at 5:30 am , this time as i mentioned we had our ruck sack and our military helmet and full uniform , the hard training started we went out and started walking the full group it was kind mountains so we had some difficulties since the ruck sack was so heavy and the problem is that the soldier behind you if he is tired and he can catch a rope that is attached to the soldier in front of him , usually he’s supposed to push the soldier to help him , but in my case the soldiers behind me were so tired that they had to catch the rope and pull me to the back and i had to push to the front … i had to be a bulldozer in some way , i got so tired but didnt want to tell them to stop .. and i had to push more and more , even at some time we had to run with this ruck sack … i finished hurting my knee .

It was bad news for me … but still i managed to finish the exercice (hopefully i hope to recover in less than 2 week) .

We went back to the base and had to prepare our self for inspection , everything was fine and at 8:00 am we had our first exam , we had to get 60% to pass it , the exam is related to all what we took since the beginning , it was an easy exam for me (I’m used to exams :) ) i still dont know how much i got but i know i passed because only 2 failed from my group and it’s not me :p

The rest of the day we took more courses related to the MILITARY LIFE and about environment protection and we took few drills courses .

Next Week we will get for the first time to carry the C-7 (machine gun) so…i think i will enjoy this part :)

I hope my knee will recover to be able to give me 110% .

Enough for today ;)


  1. Hi dear ,I am thinking to join army in 2011.I am from India .Could you help me to know something joining army . What should i do before apply for army .A lot of exercise .Could you tell me what kind of study should i start .I have done university in India but i still need to learn more english.

  2. hey , i wanted to join the army after i graduate , 2012 .
    but i was really looking forward to be in training this summer , 2011 ..
    real training, like you mentioned up there ,
    could you tell me where you were training please or even some good places to train ?
    ps. im a female from canada .

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