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Pierre Amin Jmayil Assassination

Back to Assassination in The Middle east … Today Pierre Amin Jmayil (Gemayel) was assassinated .

Pierre Jmayil is an anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon, Pierre Gemayel, has been shot and killed while driving through a suburb of Beirut.

His party’s radio station, Voice of Lebanon, reported that gunmen opened fire on Gemayel’s convoy as it drove through his constituency in the Jdeideh neighbourhood of the city.

Gemayel was injured in the shooting, and taken to hospital where he later died of his wounds, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation reported.

The United States : Gemayel murder an act of terror, intimidation .

“We are shocked by this assassination,” Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns told reporters.

Anti-Syrian Lebanese minister assassinated in street

Witnesses said that the minister, 34, was shot while in a car in Jdeideh, his constituency on the northern edge of Beirut.

The shooting could intensify the crisis in Lebanese politics, which has seen six Cabinet ministers resign in the last week in an attempt to bring down the government.

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