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How to get an emails from microsoft.com , live.com , fbi.ca

A new Exploit has been discovered .

You can get emails like : your-name@microsoft.com , your-name@live.com and other …

What you can do with those ?

Well Basically .. nothing except :

- CHAT ON MSN using those emails .
- use MICROSOFT LIVE Services .

I dont know yet how to receive emails to those addresses .

How to get emails from Microsoft , Live , FBI , etc ..

Go to :

1 – http://get.live.com/getlive/overview
2 – Press the sign-up button

You will see a form that contain only in the drop down list the (hotmail.com)

Now take this code and past it in the address bar :

[javascript]javascript:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e = document.getElementById(“idomain”).options);r(d=”microsoft.”);r(a = new Array(“hotmail.com”,”hotmail.co.uk”,”msn.com”,d+”com”,d+”be”,d+”co.uk”,d+”de”,d+”fr”,d+”it”,d+”ca”,d+”nl”)); for (i=0;i

You should receive a Success alert message .

Now in the list you should be able to see more options than the hotmail.com .

and you will be able to sign up using those emails .

Note : I dont know when Microsoft will fix this issue , and i dont guarantee that those emails will not be deleted , try it at your own risk .


  1. hmm i tried to sign up using an @miscrosoft one.. but it said there was an error.
    it wont work
    any ideas?

  2. i just tried and it worked .

    do you receive a “sucess” message when you past the javascript code in the url ?

  3. I did that, Mouhammad [@] microsoft.com and its done, but i cant sign into the msn 8.5 beta, and when i have to varify the account from the inbox i tried to log in into the inbox live.com i couldn’t may i know how?