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Basic Military Qualification BMQ

This Weekend was my first week in the BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) .

I went to the Military Base In Montreal on Friday and I arrived at 6:40 pm , the appointment was at 7:00 pm .

at 7:00 pm a Soldier Came and shout on us to go to the Gymnasium , we were approximately 60 soldiers , they told us to stay in lines and then another soldier came and gave us an introduction (Welcome to the ARMY … )

Then the Chief of the Base came and spoke with us and told us how we should be and what to expect … at 8:30 pm they stared to give us stuff : Sleeping bags , transportable beds and we had to sign papers .

Military  training

canadian military training

Then at 9:15 we had a course about security in the building and about how to deal in fire situation .

At 10:30 they told us to form 4 categories : 2 for french speakers and 2 for English speakers and told us that each day a section will take care of the security , stay up in night by turn , walk in the building to be sure nothing go wrong and for Soldiers Security issues .

at 11:30 We finally went to sleep , it was a loooooooong night and we couldn’t really sleep , we were 60 soldiers in a gymnasium all sleeping together .

Saturday :

They Woke up at 5:30 am in the morning , we had 1 hour to prepare ourselves to have breakfast .

The problem : 60 soldiers to finish in 1 hour , only 1 toilet , 3 showers , and 3 places where there is water … so we were in turn to be able to shave , take a shower , prepare ourselves .

At 6:30 am we were ready to have breakfast , each one of us was given a box that contains (corn flakes , milk , butter , apple , juice , cake , cheese , bread ) we had 1 hour to eat .

At 7:30 am we had an Inspection from the officers , they inspected us and everything was fine .

At 8:00 am The courses Started and a loooooong day also … we had so many courses about many stuff that i will not disclose here .. but we had to be very attentive because after each class there was an exam .

We also had Drills classes ,for those who don’t know what drills mean (like my self)

Drills : Training exercises which can help develop your stroke and fitness , Recruits are taught drill to teach them how to work and move as a team .

In human definition (mine) : It’s just a way to walk , turn right , left , 180 turn etc .. in a specific way .

At 12:00 pm we had our Lunch for 1 hour .

At 1:00 pm Courses Started Again and same thing exams after the courses all related to military … we also had drills training again … till 6 pm .

At 6 pm we had our Dinner , then at 7 pm we were done and we had to clean everything .

Then finally they gave us some time … we had to read 36 papers about Canadians wars and write an Auto Biography about ourselves.

I went to sleep early at 10 pm , because i had to be guard from 12:00 am till 1:00 am i was lucky to get this shift , other had bad shift (2:00 am to 3:00 am , or 3:00 am to 4:00 am) .

They woke me up at 11:45 am to prepare my self and i started my shift with another soldier , time passed very quick , I’m used to this kind of stuff since i worked as a security guard a lot of time before and had some shift from 6 pm to 6 am .

Sunday :

As usual we woke up was at 5:30 am and had the same routine till 8:00 am .

We had a lot of other courses and drills till 12:00 pm and then at 1:00 pm the Firefight department of the Defence Minister came to give us a course about fire and the different kids of fire and how to stop a fire and we also watched some movies .

At 4:00 pm We had to clean and pack up our stuff to prepare to go home !! They gave us our lunch in boxes and then after waiting nearly 40 Mn’s standing in ready mode , they gave the dismiss order …

That All for this week !


  1. Hey, I’m actually in the process of filling out my application, iv been hard at work to meet the physical standards for a non-commissioned weapons technician. i have similar questions as Simba above.

  2. Hi there!
    I am a Personal Trainer and am interested in the physical testing that you had or have to go through….please send any and all information regarding such. It would be greatly appreciated. I am eager to start a Bootcamp program with clients for fun.
    thanks so much
    look forward to your reply
    thanks Kerri

  3. Hey its me again, after 1year and 2 months! I had joined the canadian forces in july 2010 went through basic training for 3 months but left before graduation. The first day i got there they pretty much give you everything u need for the course. The first week is prep week wich is basicly getting all your clothing, bed sheets, rucksacks, boots, and alot of paper work. Not to mention getting to know the 60-70 people in your platoon. There really is no need to feel nervous when you first arrive, its really simple just doing what your asked. You do get paid so you can earn the priviledge to buy stuff you need from the canex (the store). Privilidges are based on how well your platoon is, if your platoon is one of the better platoons, you get to carry around a flag that the leader of be pack carries around everywhere. This makes you guys look good. Theres a lot to know, but like i said above, when i arrived it was only prep week that was the most stressfull. But no need to be nervous. Anymore specific questions i will gladly answer them :)

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