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Complete backup vs. differential backup of DATABASE

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Hi Tarek , May i ask about:
Complete backup vs. differential backup of DB

Differential Backup

A differential backup will backup all files that have changed since the last full backup. In other words, if a full backup was done on Monday, Tuesday’s differential will backup all changed files since Monday’s full. Wednesday’s differential will backup all changed files since Monday’s full including the files that have changed on Tuesday.

The big advantage to this method comes when performing a complete restore since only the full and latest differential backups need to be restored. The downside is that the size of the differential backup will grow throughout the week and become progressively larger until the next full. This can adversely affect backup windows.

Full Database Backup:

A full database backup backs up the whole database. This includes part of the transaction log so that the full database backup can be recovered. Full database backups represent the database at the time the backup finished.

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