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Canadian Forces

Latest News About The Canadian Forces Enrollment …

Is a picture worth 1000 words? (Click on the Image to enlarge)

But still not 100% in … i still have my Sport exam on The 31th of October , then i should be done and ready to start with the Candian forces .

There is some chance that i start my army training on the 4th of November if they find a place for me …

On the other hand i have 2 jobs interview this Monday … even if I’m not really looking for a job these day i will go and make the interview and see if i like it or no …

I’m not someone who like to be a millionaire , just a simple guy living a simple life and enjoying it ;)


  1. think about it
    If there were no soldiers, there would be no armies, if there were no armies, there would be no wars!

    When you join an army not matter which one, you are fighting for the rich power hungry people of the establishment of any country and not the people. The army will brainwash you and abuse beyond you wildest imagination and make you into a robot.

    Is that what you want???

  2. If there were no soldiers, there would be no armies, if there were no armies, there would be no wars!

    That not true … Humans kill each other since millions of years , when ever someone disagree the other ,They will sometime kill each other , and no need for an army to make a war , just gather to family and the war will occur .

    Maybe you have a bad idea what is the army , you think they are only made to kill people , i see it in a different point of view .

    When i was in Lebanon this summer during the war , the Canadian army evacuated us from Lebanon … in another word They HELPED us .

    And no they will not send me to other country to fight or to make war , because I’m a reservist , I’m not full time with them .

    I only go when i want .

  3. Hi again Chaaban. How was your week? Are you still doing BMQ or SQ right now?

    Anyways I am sorry to tell you that I am having some difficulties right now in regards to setting up my medical test and interview.
    I just did my aptitude test on Tuesday (and man it was tough some of those questions! haha).
    So at the end
    there was a guy who gave us transportation $$$ and was supposed to set up appointments for medical tests and interviews.


    1) He told me that the “system” was down and he couldn’t book any appointments that day. So he told me to call back in the afternoon around 1pm’ish cuz thats when the system was supposed to be up and running again.

    2) I call around 1pm and he tells me that “they will call me” instead.

    3) So I don’t know how long I am to wait b4 I can call them back. I feel very
    anxious to know if they want me to continue on with the process or not.

    UMMMM…. It is not supposed to take long for them to set up medical test and interviews for potential recruits right?

    Man I am stressed out.

  4. Hello Myke ,

    I graduated from my BMQ On the 31th Of Mars , my SQ will be on the 24 of June .

    You would be lucky if they give you directly an appointment for medical and interview .

    i got my appointment i think 1 or 2 week after my CFAT test , but dont let it down , if you dont hear from them keep calling them and ask for an appointment .

    No need to stress out , there this nothing to be afraid of .

    Good luck :)

  5. Hey chaaban,

    I had one question to ask you…if you dont mind?
    When you did your medical exam, what type of eye exam did they make you pass?
    Reason why i’m asking is cause I am color blind.



  6. Dean,

    I can answer that question for you; I just completed mine yesterday =]

    Yes, there is a colour test, they hold out a book with those circle picture things with all the different coloured dots and you have to determine what number is in them… I passed with flying colours (no pun intended =P) Then it’s just the “cover one eye and read the letters” test.

    UNFORTUNATELY, I was applying for ROTP to RMC, and I apparently blew the aptitude test… which really sucks because I’ve got practically a 95+ avg. in most of my classes at school =|

  7. Hi Chaaban, i’m french so if you don’t understand tell me.I want to go in the reserve but they didn’t call me yet.3 weeks ago, i sended my recruiting paper for the reserve in the Royal 22ième régiment and they told me that in on month, i shall finish all my exam for recruiting but I didn’t make one yet.What should I do?

  8. Essaye d’appeler ton recruteur (la personne avec la quelle tu as parler avant de faire ta demande) ou sinon appelle le centre de recrutement , reste toujours en contact avec eux , même s’ils te disent ça va être régler dans 2-3 semaines appelle les a chaque semaine pour savoir la statut de ta demande .

  9. J’ai envoyer ma demande au 4ème bataillon du royal 22ième régiment directement à leur manège militaire(Salaberry).Alors je dois les rappeler sur le statue de ma demande?

  10. Essaye de les appeler s’ils n’ont pas de reponse , appelle Ottawa … tous les dossiers passent par la bas .

  11. Dans les messages ci-dessus, tu mentionne que tu es dans la réserve.Dans quelle unité est-tu?

  12. Hi Chaban,

    as a former 031 myself, I want to wish you the best in your trade of choice within the CF reserves. There are a lot out there that thinks that all soldiers do is kill babies and rape old women (they must have watched too many BS movies). Pass this advise on to all your freinds and comrades in arms, “Not everyone is born to be a leader, or can learn leadership. Good leadership comes from within, through a persons compassion, personal bearing and standards and toughness. A true leader will never ask someone to do what they are unwilling to do themselves.” This goes for all ranks, not just officers. A Private can find himself or herself with a lot of responsibility and being put in charge of a detail. Most put into these positions cope well, but some do have a tendancy to let the power of command go to their heads.

  13. Hi Chaban,

    Am Young and able body man from Nigeria,and my dream has become to join the Canadian army, please how could this be possible since am not a Canadian citizen, also i have a lil experience about the military and would like to become a Canadian citizen. I was wondering if the citizenship process could be completed by joining. Thank you

  14. hey man i have some q’s for u..is it ok to e-mail me if u have free time..i want to know if i can join or not and other options thx.

  15. Anthony, Shawn,

    If you need some answers about joining the CF you can email me and I will get someone from the recruiting centre to contact you. I can’t do much about the long timelines to get a medical or interview appointment, but I can help guide you in the process and show you some options that you might not have thought about in the CF. Je parle français aussi, donc vous pouvez me poser des questions en français si c’est plus facile.
    For Anthony specifically, we are unable to accept applications from permanent residents at the moment. The best advice I can give you is to apply for citizenship right away, and once you have it, the CF would be happy to take your application. I know it is a long process, but don’t get discouraged by it. Good luck in the process.


  17. Hi. How can i join canadian army anybody help me :)

  18. Hi, i sent an application to the recruiting office about 3 weeks ago but nover got a call yet to make an appointment for the aptitude test. Just wondering if this is because off all the troops being deployed to the olympics and haiti? Should i call them or would that make them sour?

    Matthew Peters

  19. Hey

    Regarding the eye exam upon enrollment. Is it a standard eye exam? Like could you memorize a whole bunch and possibly still get in. Do they always use the same eye exam chart?



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