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Changing Study Field

After long reflexion … i decided to change my major .

I recently started my master degree in computer science but i discovered that this is not what i want to do , it’s not something that i like , i do like computers , i do like programming but i don’t like the crazy math !

All what I’m taking is Math Math AND Math … i suppose it’s like this when you make a Master or … I might have made a mistake when i applied for the master program , maybe i applied to the Master degree in Mathematics , i have to check that again to be sure .

I’m more good in practical issues rather than Theory and i don’t want to be a teacher …

So I Decided to go for an MBA (Master in Business Administration) , i applied for it at the HEC (haute etude commerciale) it’s a part of the University of Montreal , Business field .

I think this is best for my future , having a Bachelor in Computer Sc and Master in Business Administration , instead of having a bs in cs and master in cs .

We will see how it will go … Even if i’m lost now , i will know if i did the correct choice maybe in 3-4 years .


  1. Hi Tarek. Salaam. I live in Toronto and did my MBA. Who knows, it might be a good idea for your career. If you want to discuss, feel free to write me.

    Best of luck!

  2. Tarek,

    I can relate and understand your frustrations surrounding computer science. I also was all into computer science until college. I have been programming for a decade now and I felt that due to my knowledge and history, computer science made the most sense.

    Little did I know that I wasn’t fit for the position. I actually switched my direction as well — I’m more into human computer interaction with an emphasis in cognitive psychology.

    Designing the solutions for the problems that software is supposed to alleviate is my passion. Programming languages will always change it seems, but the concepts, theories and solutions to why we do what we do won’t.

    Might give you something to think about. Good luck on whatever path you decide to venture into and stick with it!

    Someone you might be interested in talking to about MBA is Nick Switzer, he is currently in Graduate School at the University of Tulsa right now.

  3. hi guys im little bit lost sorry if my english isnt perfectly correct but im now a student in information science engg. we have also computer science dep. in my collage i know its not what we talk about here . but now im confused which department i have to join in my country you can work in bank data base, internet company, security ,network i would be thankful if you could explain for me which department i have to join and why

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