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Join The Canadian Army

Today i assisted to an information meeting in the Canadian army Center .

It was kind of cool , Sergent Leblanc gave the information .

A lot of point were made :

- You get a lot of money when you join the army .
- You get money by doing minimal stuff .
- You get money by doing nothing .
- You get your University loan paid by joining the Canadian army .

As You can see most of the points are related to money … Even if it’s the main reason for me joining the army … but come on ! Army is fun , you learn and you get paid , you do sports and get paid ….

Let’s stop here :) i ‘m not enrolled yet , there is like 3 exams that i have to pass to be able to enroll in the army .

- Math , French , Logic exams .
- Sports & Endurance Exam .
- Medical Exam .
- Interview .

I will see how to manage my life being a student at full time in Master in Computer Science , part time student in a minor , working on online projects for US based companies , managing my websites :)


  1. Chaban ~ you are Lebanese correct? Question for you.

    Did you have any issues when going through the interview process due to your background?

    my husband, who was to have his interview recently was delayed due to the fact that he is from lebanon. Canadian Citizen for a year now. Has completed all testing, medicals, reference checks etc…. but was told now he would have to wait because he is lebanese…. tight security… sensitive information etc…..

    We are a little insulted due to the fact that he is being discriminated at this point…. As an arabic speaking Canadian Citizen you would think they would be thrilled with this recruit. In fact…. they were until the interview…. I dont understand

  2. Greetings!

    I am a PhD student in USA and I am about the get graduate. I have received a PR through Federal Skilled worker category. While doing PhD, I have designed and Developed training material for the Federal Law Enforcement Training (FLETC) officers. My qualification and experience is in line with requirements necessary for the “Training Development Officer” (TDO) in Canadian Army. Can you please tell me if I could join Canadian Army as a TDO? If so, what is the process.


  3. Can anyone tell me how long it will take for them to call me for my CFAT. I have already handed in aplication and screening 2 days ago.

  4. so i was wondering if i could just fill out forms to join online or i do

  5. i have my leaving school certificate and i want to join canada army force pls help me.

  6. Hi, Am indian..but i am canadian citizen..although i dont know a word in French except “Bonjour” lol..so will there be any problem when you do testing…?

  7. i wish to join the canadian army

  8. hi,i am in Ghana and i would like to join the army

  9. I am a U.S. citizen but i would like to move to Canada and join the canadian Army. What is the first step I must take in order to achieve this?

  10. hello i’m Reneesh initerested to join canadian army, if u can menas let me know the procedure, i’m from India now working in Iraq with us army through subcontract.

  11. i would like to join the canadian army and i would like to now the nessary steps to take pelase and thank you.

  12. Hey there i am just wondering what the complete medical process consists of?

  13. je voudrais savoir si l’ armee Canadienne a une programme comme pour la legion etrangere francaise ? puisque je vroudrais bien m’ enroller .

  14. Am a sierra leonean,and am interest in becoming the canadian army.So will you please email me ane tell me the procedure about it.Hope to hear from you soon as it is urgent.


  15. i am a ugandan and residing in uganda,i wonder if i also have achance of joining the canadian army,i would be very greatful to serve.

  16. am a graduate from the University of Ghana legon with BSc in Nursing. i WANT to join the Canadian Army. how is that possible?


  18. Hello Mr. Chaaban. I am a Lebanese citizen. I am specialized in electronics and electricity here in my country (Lebanon) and i’m graduated with degrees. I speak English, French and some of German. If i travel to canada in the future to complete my study, can i joined the canadian army ? .Some of my family are a canadian citizens and i wish traveling to canada for study the join the army from long time ago.

    Can u please help me about this, with some informations. Thank You Mr.

  19. Hi! I would love to join army, how do i do that , where should i apply ? what web site? , or where do i need to go?

    thank you

  20. Hi i am just wondering do i have to know french to join the army?? its my dream to join it just i dont know french at all and it will crush me if i have to have it i have bin intrested in the army for ever i am going through all of the cadet programs an i really want to do this and i want to do my 3 years service and fight in battals and all of that stuff even try out for J.T.F2 and J.A.T.F when i can so yeah pleas tell me

    walker ratcliff

  21. I recently finished my phisical, medical and apptitude tests, the phisical and apptitude tests were conclusive for a pass but for my medical was a diffrent storey, i have allergies and as such i carry a epi-pen and because of this, my medical was disabled but on the letter i was sent it stated that this is not the final conclusive test… i just want to gain an understanding of this because if there is some way i can still get in i would be extatic.

  22. I would like to join Canadian army I live in Madrid for 8 years I speak spainish English french I from nor Mali Gao I want get Information in my e mail

  23. To answer most questions: keep in mind i have a military application in and haven’t been looked at yet (just passed it in 2-3 days ago) in Halifax.

    Canadian forces will allow anyone from anyone to join as long as they have a permanent Canadian citizenship, however there are a lot of conditions. please check forces.ca for more information.

    You do NOT need to know french, however if you apply for officer you WILL have to take french lessons to be taught as training within the forces themselves. anyone is welcome but having a criminal background might be rejected as the Canadian forces – are yes, small, so they tend to take the best of the best. If you are educated and have a clear background with permanent citizenship, you will be fine. Average wait time for any armed forces (infantry, Armored solider, artillery, so on) is about 3-6 months for a callback to even start the interview.

    Feel free to contact me @ c.berthier@Hotmail.com and I’ll try to answer any questions, keep in mind though your best resource is forces.ca and not all the information i may give you will be 100% accurate.

  24. i want to join the Canadian army

  25. i am a jamaica born and live in jamaica, i just finish high school i gained 6 passes in my exams result. i apply here in jamaica but they are not recuiting. i have a passion to severe one country.has jamaica is apart of commwealth country, is it possible for me to joint the canadian defence force?. await for a reply

    you see the passion i have my great grand father was a soldier in war2 world, and my father is also a miltary personel

  26. i applied a month ago online and 2 weeks ago i submitted the rest of the application in person. i just got called and interview is next week. that was fast.
    well maybe because i told them i work out 5-7 times a week and play sports 3-5 times a week on top of that. lol.
    i am chinese and later i will be with canadian army fighting the chinese. talk about fun!

  27. Hey, I’m Earl and I want to join the canadian army, Im a filipino Citizen. How can I get a canadian citizen immediately? If I join the army would I become a Canadian citizen immediately? And if i don’t know french, will i still pass the exam?

  28. I a Liberian currently leaving in home country and work at the Nation’s EPA as Construction maintenance. I desired joining the Canadian Army. Kindly acknowledge me if I am eligible to join this great Army.

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