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Steve Irwin

I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it. (Steve Irwin)

Steve irwin died today … !! The Crocodile Hunter .

I used to watch him a lot and he always amazed me .

Update :

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin pulled the barb of a bull stingray out of his chest with his hands moments before succumbing to the deadly blow, video footage of the accident showed yesterday.

His producer and close friend, John Stainton, who viewed the film before handing it over to police, said the images were shocking. “It’s a very hard thing to watch because you’re actually witnessing somebody die and it’s terrible,” he said.

It shows that Steve came over the top of the ray and the tail came up and spiked him here [in the chest] and he pulled it out and the next minute he’s gone. That was it – the cameraman had to shut down.

The film of the tragedy, given its nature, is unlikely to be screened publicly. Bill Campbell, head of Discovery Networks, which owns the Animal Planet channel on which the Crocodile Hunter programmes are shown, said the matter would be discussed with Irwin’s widow, Terri, at an appropriate time.

STEVE IRWIN, who has died during underwater filming aged 44 after a stingray barb pierced his heart, was known through his documentaries

Friends believe he may have died instantly when struck by a stingray as he filmed a sequence for his eight-year-old daughter Bindi’s new TV series.

‘Non-survivable injuries’

Steve Irwin had been filming a new documentary called Ocean’s Deadliest with friend and manager John Stainton at Batt Reef, off Port Douglas about 11am.

“He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray’s barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart,”

Steve Irwin .

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  1. He will be missed greatly :(

  2. i hated him

  3. ok what did you get by expressing your self here ?

    who care if you hated steve irwin ?

    Steve was funny and we used to enjoy his Show .

    We will miss his show for sure !

  4. I’m sad that this happened, and greve for his family.

  5. I will really miss him, and patience for his family

  6. I was shock to hear about his untimely death. YES! He will be greatly missed. The love he had for all animals was tremendously. He was a great guy! He died doing something that he liked..He will always be remembered. EveryONE should feel sorry for Kelsi Cards who has so much hatred toward someone that LOVED LIFE!

    Kelsi Cards you are a very cold, hated person!

  7. Very sad, thinking about his family, his children… they will be lucky that one day when they are grown there will be lots of footage of their great father, and they will know how much he was loved by other children world round.
    Kelsi, its you that we feel sorry for, you are one sick individual.

  8. Steve Erwin was an extrordinary human being he gave a great deal of entertainmaent to millions of viewers worldwide and that we are grateful for, Steve will surely be missed by his family and colleges alike also by his ardent fans (me included) he obviously love all animal life which is a tribute to him …

    Thanks Steve. R.A.Waghorne

  9. may i comment on how sad i was to here of Steve erwin’s death, i did not know him, nor i have i ever meet him, but i feel i did. my family and i watch his programmes in the uk on a regular basis and enjoyed them a great deal, it was good learning for my children and myself, he will be greatly missed.

  10. Such A Sad Sad tragedy

  11. a very clever man animals where his life will be greatly missed

  12. 90% of the TV programes I watched was of Steve Ervin. His service to the animal world and humanity will always be remembered and his contribution will be remembered by millions for many decades to come. Its difficult to believe a lover of animals could go so soon. Steve showed and taught us how to care and love animals. I feel sorry for his family and all who were near and dear to him …

  13. he was great and will be missed he died doing what he loved and thats impotain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Steve was a wonderful person!!!!! We will miss his so so so much his teachings were priceles and he will defantly be missed unbelivably much and will alwas be loved!!!

  15. Nothing can express my sorrow over the loss of this dynamic, sometimes CRAZY but wonderful man, Steve Irwin. Lots of unnecessary controversy has been going on over what and the way he did things with the wildlife that he loved so much. Too bad….you negative folks….get a life and a conscience will you??? Unless you are willing to put yourselves in his place and if not, shut up. Yes he was part exhibitionist but that is what most of the human viewing population needed to see– to have a visual on what is happening with wildlife and he did it best to make us UNDERSTAND and hopefully appreciate them even more because of his efforts. God, I will miss him ….

    I am sure his entourage was phenomenal with all of the animals that he has helped throughout his lifetime that passed in peace and love because of him.

    What a person he was…..and still is. And anyone disagreeing or critizing him at this time is probably doing so because they don’t possess the guts to live life to it’s fullest as he did ….doing what he loved most.

    ….his loss will never go away but he left behind a wonderful legacy in his wife, children and sanctuaries for his beloved animals. We need more Steve Irwins in this world of ours. Love ya Steve ….CRIKEY!!!!! With my deepest condolences. Helen

  16. Steve was a one of a kind guy, we’ll all miss him.

  17. we will miss him!!!!:(

  18. I heart to See One Hero is Die.

  19. I liked him and now he is gone. I will miss him.

  20. i know steve by seeing on tv always when we sees tv all my family member sees it.

    First i know about steve i told to my family that day my illitrate mom does eat well as like me and my sisters.

    This is love of steve . we love you steve.

  21. well, i feel for the children the most. they will never see their daddy do more great things anymore. and as a wife, i feel for her. i live just north of eugene, or. in salem, and i would be devistated to loose the man i love, so suddenly. i didn’t beleive at first that this happened. sad. it’s like Elvis dying. the whole world involved. thinking of you steve…

  22. I know how it feels to loose the one you love and to never be able to get over the tragdey. I resently lost 2 people in my life at one time and it still hurts to know this was a freak accident. I lost my ex-husband and ex-bother-in-law on 9-21-06 and hearing about this death also hurts and my heart goes out to all of the family. Steve you will be missed very muchand never fogotten. I will …. for all who has lost family member this month of September. Love and sympathy to all.

  23. i think that those who want to say stuff like ‘ i hated him ‘ should be punished. He was a true icon and made a diffrence in this world. I would like to see those people do some thing as good as what he could do. So next time think about what you’ve done for the country and what his done.

  24. I wish that Kelsi Cards was the one who was dead. Steve is the man and will be missed.

  25. Steve was kind of kooky but he did so much for the environment and animals.

    He poured all the millions he made into preserving the wildlife and the environment and I just think we should all pay our respects.

    He was not just a nationally recognised symbol but international.

    I just hope that his character lives on in many other Australians out there and we all chip in to save the environment form needless destruction.

    Peace out and long live the croc hunter.

  26. we will miss his shows and him he was a great brave man we love you steve

  27. i really enjoying your show i watch your show morning & night cuz i really really miss u ever were i go i always thingking about you & i will save the stingray & save other animal someday i will be like you for more advanture and help the animals in the whole worid…my 1# fan steve irwin i love croc and snakes and you steve irwin forever

  28. yea i wish kelsi cards was dead not steve irwin we all miss him dont we guys

  29. Steve, you will be missed… My family and I loved watching your show,never a dull moment with you.Terri my heart goes out to you and your beautiful children.

  30. i loved him aaaaaaaaa

  31. you had love in your heart for everyone, animal and human alike.
    To those that hated you why did you not turn your t.v. off. because you don’t have a life.
    Envy is what you have not hate.

  32. who i love very much
    now i miss very much

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