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Master Degree in Cs

It’s Now Official …

I will start my Master Degree in Computer Science this semester at The University of Quebec at Montreal .

I was not supposed to start this semester since i didnt even apply … but The War in Lebanon and after being evacuated (read The Evacuation By The Canadian Government ) .

The Canadian Universities gave more time for Lebanese people in Canada to apply , They extended the time … so i applied and got accepted .

My Director will be Dr. Petko Valtchev , i already worked with him in the past when i was doing my Bachelor .

More info about The Master :

The Master Degree at UQAM is 45 credits (18 credits of Courses and 27 credits of research ) , I will start this semester by Taking two courses .

- INF7440 (Conception et Analyse d’algorithmes)

The first Course is a hard course related to Algorithm … i will have to study a lot for it …

Second course is a PHD course that my Dr. Allowed me to take , it’s related to Data mining .

We will see how it will go … The only problem i have is time !!

I will be Studying full time for my master degree , making a minor in arts and science at the university of Montreal part time , Teacher assistant for 2 courses at the university of Montreal (correcting homeworks , giving classes , …) , working as a freelance on external web projects , working on my sites … ahhhhhhh this is life .

Wish me good luck :)

i really need it .


  1. Hello Tarek,

    I was on an arabic news website, and found your commet as “www.chaadan.info”

    I am IT manager for a swedish company in France, I am from morocco…

    I just would like to wish you all the best for your projects,


    Jamal LAKHAL

  2. Thanks Jamal :)

    I wish you the same in your projects .

    Let me know if i can provide any kind of help ;)

    I was on an arabic news website, and found your commet as “www.chaadan.info”

    I think it’s alarabiya … i allways mess with them

    Tarek Chaaban

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