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Lebanese General giving Tea to Israeli Soldier

Rare movie from the latest war that occured few days ago in the middle east , A general in the Lebanese army giving white flags and tea to israelis Soldier .

The Prime Minister of Lebanese “Fouad el Senioura” First Denied , Then when the Israel Government released this video he was in a bad position …

Here is the Video !!

Cnn reported :

A video showing Lebanese soldiers cordially offering Israeli troops glasses of tea during the military offensive earlier this month has hit Israeli and Hezbollah airwaves.

The video, shot by Israelis on August 10, when Israeli troops “took control” of the southern Lebanese town of Marjeyoun, aired on Israel’s Channel 2 on Wednesday.

Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV network and pro-Hezbollah NEW TV then picked up the video and condemned the Lebanese soldiers as deserters.

The English Version of The video is available here :



  1. Lebanese soldiers and their general monkey giving out tea and white flags to the Israeli soldiers?!! I really don’t know if I wante to laugh or cry.

    After that, the Israeli soldiers were verifying the Lebanese ID`s. Where?… on Lebanon land. What a joke

  2. And then they say we want to take away Hezbollah arms , why when you have traitors like these ???

  3. ever noticed how the Traitor General (who should have been executed for treason ) was trying to hide from the Cameras ??

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