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Tragedy – crisis

What is your feeling knowing that your mom will die in your hands?

What so you do when a tragedy happens?

what do you do in a time of crisis ? or when a country is bombing your own country and killing your family , friends , and people of the city …

Warning … The pictures below are very graphic

This is a young child saying his last good bye to his mother after being bombed in this tragedy … war going on in the middle east .



No more Comment …



Saying his last good bye


  1. !@(!)) israelien and american, they are the biggest criminals in the world

  2. What can we you say..
    Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji^oon…

  3. This is the single-most effecting set of pictures I have seen yet. This is so heart-wrenching. May Allah protect all fo the Muslims in all of these situations. Lebanon, Iraq and more places…..

  4. Looks fake.

  5. he who thinks these photos are fake is a fake…
    God’s curse on u jews

  6. Real terrorists are american goverment and israelians( all of israelians are the same, I hope they will die in their own cause)

  7. some time it will be happaned, than we dont fear, we have to move to our next step,,
    Allah is the great,, he see,,, he dont leave our hand,, we must keep Namaz for ever,,,
    Assalamu alaykum,,,,

  8. most of the american people condemn this. the government does what israel wants and does not listen to what the people want. it is said that america is free but this is a lie.

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