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Evacuation By The Canadian Government

After a long trip we are finally in Canada !

we Got Evacuated due to the Israel-Lebanon war , it was a long trip … and now we are in a Hotel paid by The Canadian Government … oops i mean by the Citizen Taxes .

The Departure Occurred on Tuesday 4 am at the BIEL PORT of Lebanon , we had to wait in a long line for 4 hours till they open the doors and Our trip Begun !

Registrations for the family were made and all what we had to do is wait and wait and wait till the boat going to Cyprus arrive , and Finally The Serenade Arrived at 2 pm and here also we had to wait till everyone get on boat (more than 800 persons) and finally at 5-6 pm we were at the large .

The travel took us 8 hours , we arrived to Cyprus at 3:30 am , we didn’t feel the time because we were sleeping most of the time , each family got a room with nice beds and douches .

After this Some problems occurred because of the mess going in Cyprus so much people were there and the Canadians workers were overwhelmed .

Next step was to go to the Olympic stadium in Cyprus and to wait till next air plane going to Canada , we waited for like 6-8 hours and they finally called us to get ready .

They took us to the Air Port of Cyprus and from there we got on the plane , here also it was a big mess because people didn’t sit in the correct place , so basically all what we had to do is find an empty place and just sit , places were very small … and we just had to be patient !

After 10 hours of flight ……….. Guess what ! Welcome to Canadaaaaaaaa !!! yes a non-stop flight from Cyprus to Canada on Air Transat .

When we Arrived to Canada , The Canadian Government workers were very nice with us , they explained all steps that we had to do and they took us to the registration place , we were welcomed by the Red Cross – Operation Lebanon 2006 and from there they took us to Hilton Hotel after filling some papers and explanations … we got transferred to the Sheraton Hotel … a Super nice and deluxe Hotel with Gym and piscines (260 $/ night) and we got 3 meal / days in the Restaurant ,and finally now we are in The Comfort Inn for the Last day …

It’s 5 am now .. I’m awake watching the TV and posting … My time zone still messed up , i wake up @ 2-3 am each day (~ 9-10 am middle east time )

This is all for now … I’ll post more news when i will get some :)

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