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Genocide in Lebanon by Israel

After 12 days of war … it’s Still on , israel still throw Bombs on Innocent people .

More Pics to show What Cnn and other news center don’t show …

beirut Lebanon

lebanon genocida

genocide in lebanon

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war in lebanon


  1. Hopefully: all the nations to see these outrageous images! To know who is the “Criminals” and who is the “killers” and who is “Terrorist”!

  2. À Qana, Israel dit qu’ils ne savaient pas qu’ils frappaient un refuge où se trouvaient des innocents:hommes, femmes et ENFANTS….Alors…dans l’ignorance, S’ABSTENIR!

    Les monstres n’existent pas seulement dans les films!

    La violence engendre la violence. Tant et aussi longtemps qu’il existera une mentalité de vengeance et qu’il sera enseigné dans les écoles et les lieux de Culte, cette violence va continuer. Cela dans les deux sens.

    On nomme “terroristes” des gens qui frappent des populations civiles et militaires sans discrimination. Alors… comment nomme-t-on les PERSONNES qui donnent le feu vert aux gens en uniformes pour frapper des cibles civiles et innocentes? Dans mon livre cela s’appele “terrorisme d’État”.

    Pas meilleur l’un que l’autre, la terreur est là!

    Il y a tant d’autres façons de montrer et prouver sa supériorité sans avoir à faire couler le sang!

    Aimons-nous les uns les autres!


  4. As a citizen of Israel i feel so sorry, deeply sorry and deep pain for this innoscent children.
    I would like to express my best wishes for the lebanonian people.

    Will they have mercy for me?

  5. Bush and Israeli are the “Mother of Terrorist”

    Our children and our elders’ people and many innocent people are being killing every moment in Lebanon. By the brutal terrorist Israeli in their barbaric chemical booms, according to the slaughter house which is the ‘WHITE HOUSE”, and by the damn BUSH ADMINSTRATION.

    They kill us, and destroy our cities, and evacuate us from our homes, take our lands and accuse us in terrorist! According to Bush DEMOCTRACY CALLING!
    And who are they? Defiantly, “ISREALI AND AMRICAN BUSH DECISIONS”

  6. Everyday i am hopping to see this carnage finish. My prayers are for both side. In both side there is innocents people who pay the price of stupid decisions from stupid persons.

    Don’t forget….United States is NOT AMERICA! United States is ONLY A PART of North America.

    I am sick and tire to hear the world calling United States “America”.

  7. I am a american and proud of it thank you. you think this looks bad. what did you do when our towers fell in New York. did you not rejoice and dance in the streets like baboons and shoot down with the USA? i think so. It is clear that Rouba and jamhour and others are lebanese so you will be mad about this just as we was about the real terrorist bombing our towers. so get real. it was the hezzbaastards that killed that kids and people by hiding among them and using them as human sheilds. get the facts straight.

  8. This is the problem sara , you saw on TV people dancing on the street when the Twin tower fell ….

    How many person did you saw ? 10 ? 100 ? 1000 ? 10 000 ?

    are those number enough to judge all people in the middle east ?

    Do you think we as Arab accept what happened ? No We Don’t !!

    Those Are Terrorists , they are known in our Country as (Wahhabies or Wahhabism ) follower of Bin Laden and Co. in the army and follower of Ibn Taimia in Creed .

    We our self are being attacked by those terrorists , look in Algeria , Afghanistan , Egypt …

    I’ll also remind you that Bin Laden is Made in USA … THEY GAVE HIM POWER AND WEAPON to fight Russia .

    And last thing … i wasn’t among those dancing on the 9/11 i was on a plane from Lebanon to Canada (I’m still paying the price of the time stamp on my passport each time i visit the U.S) And yes i could die with those who died on the 9/11 …

    Because Terrorist don’t care for Humans…

  9. Yo they b o’ding. that was really un called for. These children probablt did;nt even do anything to hurt anyone they lost their lies for something stupid. Yo volience all around needs to stop, we the people need to make a change and stop. We are the people with the oice, and if people hear us out we surely can make a change.

  10. Chaaban, you speak of only the reality in this situation. Citizens of the united states precieve all people of the middle east as those scene on the news. This is what builds our countries patriotism and what markets your countries as the horrible places of the world that we must change. Which is nothin we would no about, we only see the violence and the hatred and that is what we think, because people in this country are not worldly enough to think of other countries enough to know their history’s, to study their people, and to accept their culture. Our country is a place of ignorrant nationalist that think they are patriotic, and when the other side is presented to them they brush it off as liberal propaganda, and then go to their tv’s and get their facts.

  11. To this Sara ignorant (S) ,from your letter it shows how dumb and ignorant and hateful you are, don’t you dare to compare Lebanese to Arabs or terrorists, have you ever been in school? do you know the history of Lebanon and the phoenicians you stupid monster?

    I think you are a zionist, because only zionists and antichrists like your idiot of a president will kill people fpr no reason, and you believe everything they say.

    You monsters have been in war since the beginning of your stolen state, which you took from the native Indians, that’s what you are ,you people has no history except 400 years of sucking blood from other nations ,you and the so called false(israel) are built on innocent blood.

    God will punish you all for your crimes just wait and see, you horrible monster.

  12. I am so sorry for all of you losses. i am in the the usa.. pa. and we have this project that we have to do on the war… and when i started reading about it and seeing pictures… its HORRIBLE… for people to do something like that! Right now we are in war with iraq and i have really good friends going over their soon… and i cant just simply deal with that… war should end… their should be another way… really sorry for everything… hopefully it is doing alot better over there now! =(

  13. … I’m from the united states… and id like to point this out. I think we would all agree that the world’s nations all have guilty, negative, and problematic histories. It is also true that there are good, positive, and helpful histories. We all have a blend of good and bad.. and i know that my knowledge of other peoples isnt great enough for me to judge a single body of humans. I cant label The middle east as Terrorist, and i dont. i know that America or the United states, whatever you want to call it, has commited several evil things in the past. killing the indians, like Miri said.. horrible things. But we also have helped many nations in times of trouble, or helped the AIDS situation in Africa (or at least tried to). i wish things could be cool.. i wish that i could visit the middle east without any fear. and i hope that you miri in specific, dont label the united states as an evil monster.

  14. You know… I just love the way they all call it… “ministry of defence”. It is also SO funny when they call it “the will of the people”, and democracy (“Kratos of the Demos – power of the people”). Oh, and lastly, when they talk about the “tragedy of loss of the human life”… MONEY POWER GAMES.

    And “the good people of [put your country/nation here]” are either changing the channel because there is nothing they can do, or cannot stand it because it hurts too much. A “civilization” of passive sheep. That’s what we are …unless you are willing to do something: EDUCATE yourself. Read about Ghandi. Read about psychology of the masses. EXPLAIN what REALLY is pictured in the images above, and MAYBE then we will have a chance.

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