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Google irhab Terrorism arab

Google irhab Terrorism Arab

OK … Most of the people who come to my site know that Google is one of my best friends , but today i was shocked when i was reading a forum ….

just some precision before :

In Arabic the Word : IRHAB means Terrorism .

So When searching this word , this is what you get :

irhab Google Arab

here is the image link : Irhab Terrorism Picture

did you mean : Arab ????

Then when writing this article … since i use Google toolbar and in it we can find a Spelling Check ,

Google suggestions keywords tools
irhab keywords suggested Arab

Since I’m in computer Science … i might get some explanation , ” I’m NOT Defending Google ” , we know that the Arab world was hit by storms since the 9/11 and a lot of racist acts were made since then …

People who rely on the news will associate Terrorism to Arabs , because they don’t know our truth , they just think we approve those barbarians acts .

And people made a lot of search related to Arabs and Terrorism , so Google Algorithm in his index made a relation between those two keywords .

But Still this doesn’t mean i wont email Google and ask them to remove this from there index , You can help also by emailing them and asking them for the same thing .

here is there contacts :

phone: 1 – (650) 253-0000
fax: 1- (650) 253-0001

or directly on web :



  1. hehehe…

    Ironic :-D

  2. Maybe Google just doesn’t recognise the word and thinks you were trying to write “Arab”, but misspelled it.

  3. I read somewhere recently that “irhab” means the opposite of “jihad”, that is “unholy war”. Terrorism therefore in the current context is a pretty decent alternative definition if irhab, but it is not a garbling of the word “Arab”

  4. You are right , Irhab means in arabic Terrorising people .

    What does irhab have to do with arab ?

    anyway google fixed this issue and they removed the word irhab when u search for arab .