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Camp of Terrorists

shooting gun

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  1. I hate that kid. She gets to shoot a friggin Browning and all I get to play with is a AR-15 semi-auto.

    In fact, I’m jealous of the whole damn bunch! I was lucky to fire a .50cal in the Navy, but nothing like this! And DUDE!! Who’s the lucky bastard in the background with the MG-42?!? I can hear that thing zipping in the background!

  2. This is perfectly legal, machine guns are strictly controlled under federal oversight and not just sold to anyone. One must submit fingerprints and photographs plus an extensive application plus have the local police chief or sheriff sign a statement of good character. Then if you pass everything you can own one. They are extremely expensive. I know because I go to a local louisiana machine gun shoot every year and it is mostly made up of police and federal agents. what is the problem with this video, you talk like its a bad thing. Last time I checked it is still legal to own guns in this country.

    PS: My son was 5 years old when he shot his first gun, he is 17 now and grew up with guns, never have I had a problem with the kids and the guns, they are very responsible and respect them. My son like me both shoot on a professional pistol team now.

  3. I agree with you that having a gun is not a crime (i also have a liscence and could get a gun anytime i want + i’m an arab + i go several time / year to USA)

    My point was it’s dangerous to allow people to have such thing , anyone with bad intention could have access to those guns , let say there is a sleeper cell (clean guys without anycase , all people like them , they help all people … then they decided to harm)

    who can guess ? no one

    In the movie there are bombs not only guns .. there is heavy machines guns … it’s like they are going to war !!

  4. if the bad guys have these guns, you had sure better believe that I’m going to have one or two for that matter. Good people protect and serve those that cannot protect themselves.If I’m able to protect my family and it takes one of those to do it You better hope that your on my side of the fence.

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