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Theoretical Computer Science million dollar questions

Theoretical Computer Science million dollar questions

Ok .. Last semester i took this class ” Theoretical computer Science” and it was so boring … and the only thing i wanted it was to pass the course because it was an obligatory class .

But one thing i remember is that he always told us about a question that worse million dollar if someone could solve it .

Yesterday i was reading some articles related to computer sc and i found the question … if someone is interested solving it …

if you get the million dollar you can give me half since you found this article on my blog :)

Ok … here is the Question :

P versus NP

The question is whether there are any problems for which a computer can verify a given solution quickly, but cannot find the solution quickly.

This is generally considered the most important open question in theoretical computer science.

Is P equal to NP?

In a 2002 poll of 100 researchers, 61 believed the answer is no, 9 believed the answer is yes, 22 were unsure, and 8 believed the question may be independent of the currently accepted axioms, and so impossible to prove or disprove.[1] The Clay Mathematics Institute has offered a USD 1,000,000 prize for a correct solution.

Good Luck …

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  1. Yes. This is true. because the computer is an electronic machine which have been tuned with micro chips , so it can easily verify the given solution , but it dont have the thinking capacity to find the solution quickly , so it can verify a given solution quickly, but cannot find the solution quickly.

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