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Iraq Abuse photo images

Iraq abuse photo – images

This is The Army of Liberation … of course they don’t want the Iraqis oil …. !! they just want to free Iraqis from The Saddam Hussein Regime , how sweet !!

In pictures: New Abu Ghraib images


These previously unpublished images show apparent US abuse of prisoners in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib jail in 2003.


The images are said to be from the same source as those that led to several US troops being jailed. Some of the new images are too gruesome to be shown.

A number of the images are versions of the photographs that caused outrage when they were initially leaked.

US civil liberties groups are calling for a fresh inquiry into the abuses.


Several of the images concern sexual humiliation of prisoners .



The pictures have been broadcast by Arabic television stations and may further inflame Arab anger.


There are few images of identifiable US soldiers.

The return of Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib has come back to haunt the US government.

The latest pictures from the prison are another disaster for the image of the US presence in Iraq (formally an occupation at the time the photos were probably taken, in 2003).

They could hardly have come out at a worse time, amid the furore over the Danish cartoons and immediately after the emergence of a video showing British troops beating up Iraqi protesters.

The latest pictures from the prison are another disaster for the image of the US presence in Iraq

New Abu Ghraib photos broadcast in Australia

SUDNEY: Australian public broadcaster SBS on Wednesday released a handful of what it said were previously unpublished photographs of the abuse of prisoners in Iraq’s notorious Abu Ghraib jail by US soldiers.

The pictures seen by AFP – which include a man with his throat slit, another with massive head injuries and a third covered in what could be faeces – were among what SBS said would be dozens shown later Wednesday.

These images reveal further widespread abuse including new incidents of homicide, torture and sexual humiliation

,” SBS said.

No US troops were identifiable in any of the images seen by AFP.

More photos emerge of abuse

Images of Iraqis at infamous prison taken 3 years ago

New images came to light Wednesday showing Iraqis abused by U.S. guards at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison three years ago.

The photos of naked prisoners, some bloodied and lying on the floor, were taken about the same time as earlier photos that triggered a worldwide scandal and led to military trials and prison sentences for several lower-ranking U.S. soldiers.

Many of the pictures broadcast Wednesday by Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service, including some that appear to show corpses, were more graphic than those previously published. One of the video clips depicted a group of naked men with bags over their heads standing together and masturbating. The network said they were forced to participate.

A man tries to extinguish a fire on a truck carrying equipment for U.S. troops Wednesday in Baghdad, Iraq.

For the United States, new pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison come at an already volatile time in the region. (HADI MIZBAN/Associated Press)

New photos of Abu Ghraib abuse threaten to enflame anger in Iraq

New images showing Iraqis abused by U.S. guards at Abu Ghraib prison three years ago threatened to enflame public anger already running high over footage of British soldiers beating youths in southern Iraq.

Some key Iraqi officials urged their countrymen to react calmly since the pictures released Wednesday were old and the offenders had been punished .

Al-Jazeera TV later aired some of the pictures in the Middle East, at a time of widespread anti-Western protests over published cartoons .

The Arab satellite station refrained from showing some of the most shocking and sexually explicit images, however.

In one image, men wearing combat-style uniforms and holding dogs on leashes appear. Another showed two naked men whose hands were cuffed together. Another depicted an Iraqi’s face in agony

News in New York. “Will the government take this opportunity to really do an independent investigation into why this abuse happened and who is ultimately responsible for it?”

This is The Army of Liberation ….

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