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British soldiers filmed beating Iraqis teens

British soldiers filmed beating Iraqis teens

Scrool down to watch the movie , where british soldier attack teenagers and hits them like Animal s .

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From Sabbah Blog :

The News of the World today has a snapshot from a video showing British troops abusing some Iraqi boys, supposedly shot in Iraq in 2004.

It might be said :

TODAY we expose a rogue squad of British soldiers who savagely attacked a defenceless bunch of Iraqi teenagers —and with 42 brutal blows brought shame on our nation and its proud army.


British soldiers filmed beating Iraqis teens

Update british Soldier

Soldier believed to have shot abuse video is held

A British soldier who is believed to have filmed fellow troops assaulting Iraqi civilians has been arrested, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

The soldier was named by the BBC last night as Cpl Martin Webster of the 1st Battalion The Light Infantry

Blair vows to probe British soldier assault video

Tony Blair, the British prime minister, promised a full investigation after a British newspaper released a video showing British soldiers savagely beating Iraqi teenagers in 2004. He said his government treats allegations of abuse by its soldiers in Iraq very seriously.


It is fully evident from the video that the child hostages who were viciously attacked were not even part of the street protest.

All the protesters can be seen running together in one direction down the main street, while the noncombatant children who were used as collective punishment against the Iraqi resistance were grabbed from a side street to the left of the main street.

First arrest in Iraq ‘abuse’ probe

THE Royal Military Police have made their first arrest over allegations that four Iraqi teenagers were beaten up by British squaddies.

Other arrests could be in the pipeline after at least three of the troopers videoed were understood to have been identified by investigators.

Abusing Iraqis: How much is enough

Even for Britain’s sex-and-scandal-loving tabloids, yesterday’s alarming front-pager in the News of the World came with a mixture of titillation and a genuine sense of unease.

“The horrifying scenes on these pages will shock the world and ignite a huge military scandal,” the paper declared in a report about the apparent abuse of civilians two years ago by British troops stationed in Basra, in southern Iraq. Back in March 2004, riots around Basra over job shortages turned violent.

Protesters threw stones and homemade bombs at British troops. “In a standard tactic adopted in Northern Ireland and now used by Britain’s 8500-strong force in Iraq, snatch squads were sent out to arrest the ringleaders.


  1. just shows you how those hyppocrite europeans do things. and it’s not the first time. why did you go to iraq then? couldn’t you have just left them with saddam because your no better than him or was it just an excuse you people used. and you wonder why the whole world hates europeans.

  2. First of all i want to commend you for ur very informative, interesting work.
    unfortunately, i was unale to view the video of
    “British soldiers filmed beating Iraqis teens”

    keep it up :D

  3. america has allways being like that and they will always be,there is no where in the world that america has been and there was peace an eg. is Vietnam Afanistan and many more you can talk about.can any body compare the condition in which the iraqis are under the rule of saddam please america give as a break

  4. It is obviously the sickness showed by the mother f*cker who shoot the video when he enjoyed the massacre of the children that is a real test of valor and masculinity a few children with rocks against a fully armed pigs who beat the boys. But you deserve a great vendetta US helpers from the iraq ppl. Just sit and wait I hope to see you burn and bleed with the same sickness of the man who shoot the vid. The patience is not eternal.

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