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Live Chat on Gmail

Live CHAT on Gmail

Google Integrates Chat with Gmail : Continuing its push into communications products and services, Google has incorporated a chat client into Gmail, blending the best features of both technologies.

google live chat

What Gmail chat allow you to do also :

  • Add contacts and invite your friends to chat from Quick Contacts
  • See when your friends are online
  • Set your status to busy, sleepy, angry or whatever. Even sneezy.
  • Get Google Talk to make free voice calls too. It’s completely synchronized with Quick Contacts
  • Go off the record when you’re chatting so nothing gets saved to anyone’s Gmail account

chat to Gmail

Communications these days can be frustrating. You exchange a bunch of emails with someone when really, you’d rather just get an answer instantly. You use one program for your email, and another one (or two or three) for IM.

You can’t remember who said what to you where. And sometimes you can’t even remember who wallaby385 in your buddy list is.

Gmail’s chat features address a lot of these problems. You don’t have to use another program or switch between email and IM–it’s all on the same interface. The friends you’re already emailing the most show up in your Quick Contacts as themselves, not the cryptic IM names they chose six years ago. And you can save your chats so you never have to lose something important just because someone told it to you over IM.


  1. Salam

  2. I have webcam(philips) and cablemodem(webstar)AND LOGITECH KEYBOARD AND WINDOWSME TOWER so is it possible to work in gmail live chat and other programs such as oovoo and so on

  3. Tthere is no need to have a voice why not reason is you probably know the answer so i don’t have to explain to ya but wondering possible about those wizards can do all with any web-cam with anyone’s e-mail in anykind of computers by activated all webs
    Also prefer with 1 icon for web-cam in their computers to be available all webs once with one”click” huh? I have too many clcks to to make a call live chats or else
    kinda many Dallas

  4. hi, i made my email account and its all lowercase, is there a way that i can make it DorothyR.MakeupArtist@gmail.com???

  5. this is guru.

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