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Jose theodore fail doping test

Jose Theodore fail doping test , jose theodore echou au test de dopage

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jose theodore

French : Jose Theodore a échoué au test d’anti-dopage , le médecin du Canadien “David Mulder a fait une conference de presse pour parler de ce sujet .

Il parait que Jose Theodore a prit une substance interdite “le propecia” qui permet d’améliorer la croissance des cheveux .

Le Propecia est une substance masquante , elle permet de brouiller la prise d’autre produit dopant (steroid) .

English :

Jose Theodore has failed a doping test , The Doctor of the Hockey team Montreal – Canadian David Mulder made a press conference where he spoke about the situation .

Canadian Goal Keeper Jose Theodore said he took a substance called “Propecia” this substance was given by his dr , (it prevent recurring hair loss) , but this subtance is also a
Masking Agents .

Masking agents : Substance used to cover up or disguise unpleasant odors. Liquid masking agents are dripped into wastewater, sprayed into the air, or evaporated (using heat) with the unpleasant fumes or odors and then discharged into the air by blowers to make an undesirable odor less noticeable.

Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) and other 5-alpha reductase inhibitors have been added as prohibited substances in 2005 .

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