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Danemark Cartoon Publishing

Denmark Cartoons

Update : Denmark Embassy In Syria Get Burned

cnn : Danish Embassy in Syria SET ON FIRE

Denmark flag get burned

Denmark flag get burned

Iraqis In Fallujah Burning The Denmark Flag

Palestinians Burn Danemark Flag in Lebanon

Lebanon palestinian refugee burn danish flag

Protesters burn a Danish flag in a Palestinian refugee camp in Sidon, Lebanon.

Danemark Cartoon Publishing

danemark cartoon

A Picture that show a person with message that Say’s

We Stopped Selling Products made in Danemark

Danish cartoon outrage

The editor of the Danish newspaper that published the controversial Muhammad cartoons says he wanted to provoke a debate about censorship, and despite the protests and the threats he’d publish them again.

Denmark , Danish Cartoon controversy

denmark cartoons

Protesters in Jakarta, Indonesia, burn a Danish flag on Friday.

The cartoon controversy comes in the midst of a greater crisis in Denmark .

armed gunman french cultural center

Controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad led to an armed gunmen surrounding the French cultural centre’s headquarters in Gaza Strip.

Washington on Friday condemned caricatures in European newspapers of the Prophet Mohammad, siding with Muslims who are outraged that the publications put press freedom over respect for religion.


  1. Nowadays, Muslims around the world are getting hurt. Some of this is caused by ignorant people who innovate wrong matters and attributing them to the Islamic Religion. Islam is clear from such wrong acts such as the killing of innocent people.

    Therefore, some foreign countries judge the Muslims as unpeaceful and aggressive people. However, such claims about Muslims are false.

    Now, the blasphemous cartoons generated by this Danish journalist are humiliating for the Muslim nations. They are meant to insult the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him.

    The government of Denmark must closely watch and monitor their media which has shown disrespect to the Muslims. it should immediately forbid those blasphemous cartoons and ban their broadcast.

  2. I fell over this blog looking for material for a paper im working on and just wanted to pass some thoughts on to Rouba on his post.
    Personally i felt that the drawings in the danish news paper were juvenile and way too provocative. But press freedom in Denmark covers the right to be stupid and ignorant.
    Us danes are by no means racists og anti-muslim as a people, but i do think that al qaida and 9/11 have scared a lot of people and that islam as a religion is paying the price for that. I agree that stupid provocations like those in the news paper were by no means necessary, but burning danish flags and embassies are just as bad.

    I visited Lebanon last summer and got a totally different picture of the country and its people than what the medias usually shows. A beautifull country and a hospitabel people. I do hope that many lebanese and arab people will have the opportunity to visit us in Denmark and se that we as a people are not much different.

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