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MSN Spaces Ads

MSN Spaces Ads

MAKE MONEY FAsT! That’s the implicit message behind two of the many changes MSN implemented recently, as they added a couple of options for monetizing a blog on MSN Spaces.

The service now permits users to have associate links to Amazon on their sites. Associates receive a piece of the action whenever someone purchases an item through the Amazon link containing the associate ID.

In its imminent update, MSN Spaces is to partner with Kanoodle, in order to bring pay-per-click advertising opportunities to its users.

Spaces that contain BrightAds integration can choose to display ads from a variety of areas, which notably includes Adult Content.

Spaces that wish to display sponsored listings must however be publicly viewable and contain content that is in English. BrightAds also includes an RSS ad service, much like Google’s Adsense for Feeds, however it still remains to be seen whether MSN will give users the option of utilizing this.

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