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Denmark demonstration threaten to burn

Denmark demonstration threaten to burn

مراسل الجزيرة نت: آلاف اليمينيين الدانماركيين يعتزمون تنظيم مظاهرة هددوا بحرق القرآن خلالها

Al-Jazeera reporter : thousands of Danes want to make a demonstration and they threatened to burn the Quran in it …

شرطة كوبنهاغن تهدد المتظاهرين بالتدخل للحيلولة دون حرق القرآن

Police of Copenhagen warn to interfere in the demonstration to disallow The Quran Burning .

رئيس الوزراء الدانماركي يدعو مواطنيه إلى ضبط النفس والسيطرة على تنامي الكراهية ضد المسلمين

Prime minister of the Dane calls his citizens to self control and the control on growth the hatred against Muslim .

I dont have anything to say about what’s happening … but i can say if they do it … something bad will happen …


  1. This is hitting the melting point, I am deeply worried of security of the world as a result of recent events. I think leaders should come forward from muslims and non muslim state to control the masses. As a muslim I feel the way we are goig the wrong way of expressing our demonstrations, I share the anger and its truely upsetting the images that have been shown. In such to respect to beloved prophet, peaceful demonstration should be aquired.

  2. When sarkuzy toy was produced last month, a court cöcluded it is inappropriate to make a toy resemblimg the french president and considered it illegal and stopped the manufacturer. Nobody used the excuse of ‘why?!it is the right of …what ro ever’ remind u that sarkuzy is not a pillar in the belief of any religion’ thore who insult others beliefs are the extrimists and if nt stopped from going ön that way, i expect extrimists on the insulted party to also reply in the same extreme ignorant language and type of action..chain reaction

  3. I wen’t to denmark few year’s ago and i love it so much .. I’m egyption and this is good with me.. i think this is only a test for muslim country’s to see the reaction ..i hope if this happend the reaction would be more effective without aggressive point of veiws with good comunication skill’s becouse at the end we are all flying on planet earth crust … poor us any way ..

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