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Google new toolbar

Google launch new toolbar 4.0

Google today plans to release an improved test version of its browser toolbar whose functionality can be extended with custom buttons.

With these buttons, users can search Web sites directly from the new Google Toolbar 4 Beta.

The buttons can also be used to link to Web sites and display syndicated feeds.

By letting them personalize the toolbar, we’re putting power in the hands of users

Google Toolbar 4.0 broadens its focus and functionality beyond Google Search, adding four new features: custom buttons, Web-based bookmarks and site-specific search.

What’s new about the Google Toolbar?

We’ve added some new features to the Google Toolbar in version 4.0 to make your browsing experience even better. These new features — which can be enabled or disabled through your Toolbar’s Option menu — include Bookmarks, Custom Buttons, and suggestions for the Google Toolbar search box.

The Bookmarks feature helps you organize and easily access your preferred webpages from any computer. Unlike traditional bookmarks which are stored on your computer, Google Bookmarks are stored through your Google Account. This enables you to look up your bookmarks from any computer that has the Google Toolbar installed. Additionally, the Bookmarks feature allows you to organize your preferred pages with labels, and even to give multiple labels to the same bookmark.

The Custom Buttons feature will allow you to download and create custom search buttons. These buttons can search or take you to your favorite sites, display headlines from an RSS or Atom feed, and more.

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