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Baby dance like Beyonce

Baby dance like Beyonce

Another funny movie … A baby dancing like Beyonce :)

Beyoncé Knowles : Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (born September 4, 1981) is a popular American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and designer. She is usually referred to only by her first name, which she uses as her stagename. She was a founding member, the lead singer, and chief songwriter

I never knew beyonce was just 1 year older than me … lol

and here is the real Beyonce …………….




  1. hi girl i will like to see you some time i like the way you sig and i like the way you dance

  2. i think that beyonce really dances good, and she´s so talented that i everyday i listen to her songs!


  3. omg beyonce is my dream idle i fream 2 b her :) I WUD LV TO LEARN HOW DANCE LIKE SHE DOES WOW !!

  4. Hey all! I am one of B’s #1 fans…I take her with me everywhere I go…in my spirit, soul, and on my back…that’s right, I have a tattoo of B’s eyes on my back and everyone recognizes who it is without me even tellin them.



  6. Beyonce is just Hot from her body to her voice

  7. she has all it takes to be the best, simply the best on top of the rest

  8. i am 1 of her #1 fans i love the way she dances sings talks acts everything.
    you go gurl!
    luv u lots!
    keep up the good work.

  9. hey, i am one of Beyonce biggest fans.
    i love her so much and i will love to meet her

    lots of love and kisses

  10. i love beyonce she the beyonce,guys , i think we should keepin love beyonce

  11. hi just wanna say i cherish everything about u.

  12. hey girl, i love you so much my mama gets mad at me sometimes because i never shut up about you. anyways you are rockin’ the stage. i saw one of the beyonce experince shows in norfolk with my girls megan and solange [ my friend] i wish i could meet you one day. by the way i’m only 13 years old. hope you had a wonderful b-day. say hey to your little nephew [my bf lol]for me

  13. HI?BEYONCE,u r cute,intelligent and lovable ,i think u deserve better in life . Love you sister. I’m impressed u are not in and out in media with embarassing staff.

    Viva Beyonce Viva. cutty,cutty!

  14. hey guys,i love beyonce so much she is (underful),(greatt dancing),(nice vois),(nice body),u r eyes underful you is perfect simple,
    but i wanna to say not always worthwhile to receive compliment,
    i know you return the message in u r hurt,
    you different all of them you simple special.. beyonce love you so muchhhh mwahhhhh :) :):) keep goin in u r road..mwahh
    and i wanna to say… you take the man most equal,
    you pair from the skay….mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    and gooooooooood luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk beyonceee…

  15. omg beyonce is so awsome i met her in august at her concert
    shes so cool.!!

  16. Hi Beyonce
    I like to say dat i like you and the way you sing,your songs are so fantastic.I love you so much girl and the way you shake you body.I like to meet you one day!!!!!!

  17. Hi Beyonce
    I want to tell you that i am vision impair. My eyes can see but it can not see small print in a book or on a newpaper or other thngs that is small i have to have my work or of a teacher write on the board i could not see the write so they with have write it big on a sheet of paper. I am one of your biggest fan why because i have not been any of your concert i don’t hane any of your CD’s i don’t have any dolls i don’t any close i don’t have any jeweiry i don’t have any of your picture or any of other thing that you made the only time i see you of i look at t.v. I always talk about i always lisen to your music all the time on the radio you like big sister to me i don’t know what do i wish that i can see you in person i go to Banneker High School and i really want to see you because you mean a lot to me so can you help me out with my problem that how i am your biggest fan i just want to met you i know a lot about you and other things my birthday is january the 12, 1990 and next year i with be 18 i don’t have a MP3 player and i really want one for the holiday so can you write me back latash .j beyoce .k

  18. Beyonce, your the best! Most say they are your # 1 fan but I am your number 1 fan. I even share the same b-day as you, September 4…except I was born in 1993. I am fourteen and I really think you are great in everything you do. I am sure you are told by many that, but I truly admire you for everything you have done. I also like to sing and dance, and my name starts with a B. Well I guess we have a lot in common.

  19. hey beyonce i like ya pic its very pretty you think you can send me and message to my page

  20. i adore beyonce i am number 1 fan believe it or not i am a les

  21. beyonce,u are the best singer in the world,i love u soo much cause u are my live,sweetheart,i see u in my dreams,cause u are my live,believe me,i have all of your songs,fotos,i dont know what you say,i love soo much leda from kosovo

  22. umm hi i just luv you so much and i wold really like to meet you somedoay so we could dance and stuff ya know aned all that good stuff so………. hit me back please and if you cant i understand your very busy

  23. hi you are a (N)……………..;)

  24. hate her

  25. first i love beyonce she is great and the gurl poo that said she hate beyonce has no taste and needs to get a life cauz dat stupid commenrt rite means u need one even if u don’t like her y would u put it on here dummy!!!

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