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Africa Cup Nations Egypt 2006

Africa Cup Nations Egypt 2006

it might be said :

One of the reasons of the African Football Confederation was surely to organise an African cup for the nations of the black continent. Thus on 7th and 8th June 1957 in Lisbon, the pioneers who created the African cup of nations have met with the purpose to create an African Football Confederation and to create a competition for National teams starting from 1957.

Since Sudan had just gained independence in January 1956,it was selected to organise the first edition of this competition. For this specific purpose a new modern stadium was built and inaugurated on 30th September 1956 in Khartoum.

The first Trophy was thus called “The African Cup”, and was offered by A.A. Salem of Egypt, carrying also his name.

The new stadium of Khartoum was inaugurated on 30 September 1956. The Regulations of the competition were drafted and approved in Khartoum just before the tournament.

The competition was open for all member associations of CAF and was to be played with a direct elimination form or in the form of a championship in case the number of participating teams was less than four. It would be held once every two years under the control of an Organising Committee and the host country.

On 10 February 1957, the Prime Minister of Sudan Sayed Ismil Elazhari opened the first African Cup, watched by 30,000 spectators and officiated by Guebeyehu Doube of Ethiopia. Egypt beat Sudan 2-1, with two goals by Raafat and Eldiba.

The final was played on 15 February 1957 and was officiated by Youssef Mohamed of Sudan. Egypt beat Ethiopia 4-0, all scored by Eldiba. The trophy Abdelaziz Abdalah Salem was handed to the Egyptian captain Raafat.

The organisation of the second African Cup was attributed to Egypt and the third to Ethiopia. A budget of 25 000 Egyptian Pounds was blocked. The tournament was finally held from 22 to 29 May at the Ahly stadium in Cairo.

Three countries were present for the kick-off of the second African Cup of Nations: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. The final was played between Egypt and Sudan, with Egypt winning 2-1, thanks to a last minute goal by Issam.

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