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may shidiac

may shidiac – may chidiac

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may chidiac

Two March 14 figures, may shidiac and chamoun announced Friday their candidacy for the vacated Maronite seat in Lebanon’s Baabda-Aley by-election .

اعلنت الاعلامية مي شدياق في مؤتمر صحافي في باريس اليوم ترشحها عن المقعد النيابي في بعبدا -عاليه

The Journalist May shidiac survived an assassination attempt few months ago .

may shidiac chidiac lebanese election

According to Abdo Saad, the head of the Beirut Center for Research and Information, may Chidiac has more chance of winning than of any of the March 14 candidates, including Chamoun but with the exception of Geagea.

may shidiac

Chamoun told The Daily Star his candidacy is not final and is still being discussed with his March 14 allies.

May Chidiac has a strong chance of winning and if the March 14 allies convince me to withdraw for a candidate who also represents the coalition I might.

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