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Hans Hartung

Today My sister who’s studying Arts , asked me to get her some paintings for a famous German painter called ” Hans Hartung ”

here is a paint , a very nice paint :) (Khortosh bortosh)

art work for hans hartung

Can someone tell me , why do they call this arts !!? ? poor hans hartung

it remind me of an Ads that was on the TV , Someone get a visit from a friend and he had a lot of paintings like this one on the wall , the visitor asked him ” Who Made those great Arts ” .. he told him a Famous painter … while he was telling him this … his little son (5 year) came and had a paint in his hand :)

This is one of my Sister (Asmaa Chaaban) Paintings :) , i know one day she will excel in what she do .

This is what i call arts !!

Asmaa Chaaban

Asma arts works


  1. update : i just launched my sister Gallery !!

    Asma Chaaban

  2. Salamwhalekoum je m’appelle Asmaa et je vis en France désolé de ne pas pouvoir m’exprimer en anglais je voulais juste dire que ces peintures sont magnifiques il y a beaucoups de couleurs c’est sobre ce la suffit emplement.

    Bon courage Salamwhalekoum

  3. Merci Asmaa de ton Message ,

    Oui tu as raisons ces peintures sont tres belles.

    Ce n’est pas toute la collection de ma Soeur , Elle n’a pas eu le temps de prendre des photos de toutes ces peintures a cause de la Guerre .

  4. hi greatings from Germany, now my Explanation, in german if you like it in english, please go to the google Transformations, also:

    Der Künstler Hans Hartung zählt als einer der wichtigsten Repräsentanten des europäischen Informel.

    INFORMEL (etwa 1945 – 1960)
    (franz. informelle Kunst) in den 50er und 60er Jahren allgemein verbreitete abstrakte Kunstrichtung, der nach dem 2. Weltkrieg ein Anknüpfen an klassische Formprinzipien, überhaupt an Form als eine nicht mehr tragfähige Konvention erschien. Begriff für eine nichtgeometrische abstrakte Malerei, die sich im spontanen Malakt ohne kompositionelle Normen artikuliert.

    Many greetings and I hope it helps George and Your Sisters painting is very well, have a nice day :o )

  5. Hartung is really art. The stuff you show is not art. Is just a tacky and cruel commercial painting. Try to study a little about modern art.

  6. Are the two paintings above really the paintings of Hans Hartung? Please e-mail me the paintings of Hans Hartung especially the ones which are not abstract.

  7. European Artists in South America

    In 1947 very famous painters from Europe where all over South America selling their paintings .Picasso, Soulages.Hartung, Picabia, Fernando Leger, and dozens of other artists started making a living participating in expositions in Caracas ,Bogota and Buenos Aires. Today a lot of their best work of art is still unknown.

    Now if you read about these European artists nobody says anything about the whereabouts of these gentleman when they where broken financially and were promoting themselves. For example I saw a work of art made by Hans Hartung in Caracas in 1947.
    This painting was bought by a famous Venezuelan lawyer named Juan Carlos Alzaibar who added it to his private collection and showed it to his friends till the day he died . He loved horse racing and visiting art galleries.

    At this time in 1947 abstract artwork was not of the understanding and appreciation of everyone. Hartung choose to paint a famous corner in Caracas La esquina de Punceres. In this work you can see his style and you can figure that he spent many hours of his time to make this work possible. If you read about this artist some of his paintings were made in a matter of minutes, using sprays and large brushes.

    I contacted the Hartung Foundation in France and they told me that Hans Hartung was never in Venezuela and that the figurative style was not his. And there is not a doubt in my mind this work of Hartung in figurative style is the last done by him and one of more relevant .In 1921 Hartung did a similar work when he painted the Cafe de Royail in Paris. It is well known that Soulages, Picabia Gaston Diehl, .Hartung,. Alfred Manessier where all over South America and Africa [Dakar] in the 40′s and 50s.

    In 1955 this gentleman was competing in the bienal of Valencia 1955 for a price to the winner of $2000[ American .dollars]. The winner was Menessier with the work title ,.

    Information about these events are all over the internet. And if you check the biography of these very famous painters (that their works worth millions of dollars today ).They do not make references that in many occasions they went to South America to participate in our art market. It looks to me that the art dealers do not want to let their important customers of today, know where these artists were in the past. They only name .New York, Paris , Chicago, Houston, London but not Caracas, Sao Pablo , Bogota, Buenos Aires or Valencia an important city of Venezuela where they used to sell theirs paintings IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AT A BEAUTIFUL PAINTING OF HANS HARTUNG YOU CAN REQUEST TO : XXXXXX@HOTMAIL.COM. BY THE WAY, the painting WAS DONATED TO AN ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP AND WILL BE FOR SALE.

  8. I am responding to your blog and the wonderful article that speaks to the mid century modern europeans in latin america. I happen to agree that the art world loves to ignore the fact that many artist had to sell their wares short to survive and sometimes simply procure functional works to the public.

    I am interested in finding images of all the figurative works done by hans hartung. A few were referenced in the blog and that one was most recently going to be for sale at an animal shelter. Could you please assist me? It is an important project I am on. Regards jim

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