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Conservative party get minority government

conservative party get minority government

I know … the election were not held yet .. but like most statistics show the conservative party of Stephen Harper will get a minority government .

Tomorrow The Canadian Federal elections will take place .

Prime minister Stephen Harper. It has a nice ring to it. And that’s the result that we want to see tomorrow night when the votes are counted.

Whether Liberal or Conservative, I despise minority governments. We can’t afford them. They tend to do whatever they have to do to stay in power. That usually means they spend a lot of our money.

Canada’s political leaders have made their final appeals to voters ahead of Monday’s general election.

Some opinion polls put Steven Harper’s opposition Conservatives 10 points ahead of the governing Liberals.

PM Paul Martin again said his opponent was a dangerous neo-conservative, while Mr Harper pointed to a number of scandals the government had suffered.

This is the only thing they know how to do perfectly ” Attack each other , show up in Election time , go into hibernation after the Election ..

And Yes … i will not go vote tomorow . It just dont worth wasting my time …

I just hope the new government will not attack students and take there money …

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