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WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction iran europe uranium

Chirac Backs Nuclear Force to Counter “Terrorist” Use of WMD

France will maintain and develop its nuclear forces to counter states that might resort to “terrorist” means by using weapons of mass destruction, President Jacques Chirac said.

Are They willing to make another world war and kill millions of innocent people ?

Most of people who die in a war are the Innocent civilians , Iraq War made more than 30 , 000 civilians murdered (Civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq)

Nuclear blast france iran ameria uranium

U.S., EU reject further talks with Iran

The United States and the European Union rejected on Wednesday an Iranian offer to conduct a fresh round of talks between the EU-3 – Britain, France, and Germany – and the Islamic Republic over the latter’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Iran recommenced nuclear research and development in its massive uranium enrichment facility in Natanz despite promises to the EU-3 and the International Atomic Energy Agency that it would refrain from doing so.

“Iran must not be allowed to get a nuclear weapon, it must not be allowed to pursue activities that might lead to a nuclear weapon and on that we are fully united”, the U.S. Secretary of State said.

Can all those countries stop there stupid games ??!!

Why does France , United States , Israel , Russia and other have WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) ? What is the aim of having such weapons ? are we going to be invaded by Martians ??

The Only Thing it will bring is Disasters !!

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