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Montreal Security Guard

I will finally leave my Security Guard Job !!

i used to work for one of the largest global networks security operations worldwide (group for securicor) .

But this is not what i want to do in my Life … The University offered me 2 courses where i can be a Teacher Assistant and since i would like to improve my skills in Web i will take the offer and Quit My Security Job .

It was in some way a good job where i can take my laptop and work while working… with alooot of interruptions …… something that i hate !

Being interrupted while i work !


  1. Hi chaaban
    my friend Hussein is looking to work as security but he doesnt know where to go .. can you me where u used to work maybe he can apply there ?

    thank u

  2. There is a lot but personally i worked at :

    SECURICOR called G4S i think now .

    You can also apply to :

    Garda & Securicor

  3. You can apply at Montreal Security 2002 Inc i work there its a great place

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