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Visualizations for Windows Media Player

Blazing Colors  Blazing Colors : Contains Burning Dance, Fiery Colors, and Paint Can.

Made By: Averett & Associates   Download (169 KB)

energy bliss Energy Bliss

The ultimate viz companion for Windows Media Player 10. Includes album artwork and track information right in the viz. Made By: Averett & Associates Download(169 KB)

Color CubesColor Cubes:Contains Flower Boxes,Rhythmic Squares,and Sheer Delight

Made By: Averett & Associates Download (169 KB)

Ice StormIce Storm

Brave a winter storm from the safety of your PC! Fun extras let you customize snow fall, backgrounds, and more.
Made By: Microsoft & Warner Bros.  Download

Looney TunesLooney Tunes

Fun 3-D visualization with images from the movie Looney Tunes:Back in Action.
Made By : Microsoft & Warner Bros Download (1.34 Mb)

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