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Remove Spyaxe from pc

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Remove Spyaxe from your pc

SpyAxe is a trojan, which displays one or two icons in the system tray.

These icons show a message saying that the compromised system is infected with spyware parasites and asking the user to download and install an anti-spyware program , which actually is the infamous SpyAxe, corrupt illegally distributed spyware remover.

Once the user clicks on such message, the trojan opens the anti-spyware’s official web site. It may also try to download the application automatically.

SpyAxe may also change the desktop background.

SpyAxe manual removal:
Try to do all these steps below in the safe mode.

  • Kill processes: mscornet.exe, mssearchnet.exe, nvctrl.exe, spyaxe.exe
  • Delete registry values
  • Unregister DLLs: ioctrl.dll, svchosts.dll, webconm.dll, wbeconm.dll
  • Delete files: mscornet.exe, mssearchnet.exe, nvctrl.exe, spyaxe.exe, ioctrl.dll, svchosts.dll, webconm.dll, wbeconm.dll, hp[X].tmp
  • Delete directories : C:\Program Files\SpyAxe ; C:\Windows\System\1024 ; C:\Windows\System32\1024 ; C:\Winnt\System32\1024

file location

spyaxe.exe – C:\Program Files\SpyAxemscornet.exe, mssearchnet.exe, nvctrl.exe, webconm.dll,wbeconm.dll,ioctrl.dll, svchosts.dll, hp[X].tmp -
C:\Windows\System, C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\System32

The trojan automatically runs on every Windows startup.

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  1. how do I get rid of mssearch.net

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